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The most common problems of Renault Duster with a run
Renault Duster The most affordable of European compact crossovers, presented in the secondary market. The phrase "affordable crossover" immediately attracts a lot of customers, so when the car was just launched, queues for the most inexpensive trim levels lasted for months. But can an inexpensive car be reliable? Now we will try to find out.

Few facts:
Renault Duster is built on the platform "B0", It also built"Renault Logan"And"Nissan Nout". This relationship gives the car a good head start against competitors, as Logan and Naut have a very good reputation. Officially, Duster was introduced at the end of 2009, and in 2010 its European sales started. In the CIS, these machines became available in 2012, most of the cars we sell are assembled at the Moscow plant "Avtofrumos".

Renault Duster
The paint coating of the Renault Duster body is not very resistant and is quickly covered with chips and scratches. Inspection of the car should start from the roof. Do not be surprised if you find cracks on the paint in the drainage area, it is to blame the weak rigidity of the body for bending. Also, metal body can not boast good corrosion resistance, most often, rust appears under rubber seals, on the edges of doors and trunk. Special attention is required and the rear arches. Many car owners with regular light alloy wheels complain about the rapid unbalance of the wheels, due to the fact that there is a groove on the inside of the disc that is cleaned only by hand. The headlights are sweating on many machines, and Duster is no exception; Another unpleasant trifle is the leakage of the pump seal of the washer reservoir. Renault Duster is equipped with two petrol engines - 1.6 (102 hp), 2.0 (135 hp), and one diesel - 1.5 (90 hp). At cars with the diesel motor dips in draft are possible. This happens, mainly in the cold season and at the moment - the cause is not revealed. The most reliable was the gasoline engine 1.6, which for all the lines of operation it was not found a single sore. But the two-liter engine can not boast of such reliability. Most often, with the onset of cold weather, the owners are calling for a difficult engine start; there are also complaints about extraneous noise in the area of ​​the timing belt, service men sin on the strap itself and the pump, but, at the moment, the general solution to the solution to this situation never came. Most owners continue to operate the car with this defect, taking it as a technical feature of the power unit.
Renault Duster
At the Renault Daster is installed a five- and six-speed transmission, as well as a four-speed automatic. If you are considering buying a car with mechanics, then be sure to check the oil level in it - there are cases of factory overfill, and the current owner could not follow it. With five-speed mechanics, there have never been serious problems, but six-step, occasionally, can present surprises. Possible depressurization of the box, this means that there is a leakage of the working fluid and as a result - a clinch box. If we talk about the transmission in general, the automatic transmission and the five-speed mechanics are simple and reliable, with six-speed mechanics there were unpleasant incidents. The drier can be not only front-wheel-drive but also full-drive. At the Renault Daster, with four-wheel drive, leak oil seals transfer case drives - a fairly common phenomenon. The reason is a crookedly installed box with bearings. Sometimes, all-wheel-drive vehicles have an unpleasant failure - when driving with the all-wheel-drive on, the system can spontaneously switch to a single-drive. Solve the problem by turning the ignition off and on again.
The interior of Renault Duster is made of budget materials, so do not be surprised at the appearance of crickets, especially when it's cold outside. In some cars, sitting on the driver's seat, you can feel the draft in the area of ​​the left foot, in order to eliminate the disadvantage, you need to correct the foam pad near the hood opening handle. All Renault Daster, in addition to the version with motor 1.6, are equipped with an additional electric compartment heater, which on many cars works intermittently, especially on diesel versions. The reason is a software failure.
Renault Duster
Over time, water appears in the cabin, it occurs because of the displacement of the air distribution unit or its cracking. As a result, the condensate formed during the operation of the air conditioner falls into the interior. In cars manufactured after 2013, the manufacturer has eliminated this shortcoming. Also, with sudden changes in temperature, moisture may form between the roof and the upholstery; a signal about its presence will serve as a condensate in the plafond of the lamp of interior lighting. Sometimes, the owners are calling incorrect data from the fuel gauge and the hovering of the on-board computer. In both cases, the problem can be solved by turning the ignition off and on again. The Renault Daster suspension, despite the small resource of some parts, is reliable enough. The design of the rear suspension for mono and all-wheel drive variants is different: in the first case, there is an ordinary beam in the rear, in the second - independent suspension. In the cold, the suspension can make unpleasant sounds, but it's not scary, and after a little warm-up they disappear; Because of the freezing lubricant, the joints can crunch. The weak point in the front and rear suspension, as in most modern cars, were the bushings and stabilizer posts, they have to be changed approximately every 20 to 30 thousand km. The softness of the suspension quickly dislocates the brakes when trams and other irregularities travel, as a result, shock absorbers seldom nursed more than 30,000 km, although their resource is 50-60 thousand km (the replacement of one will cost 50-60 cu). Silentblocks and ball bearings, on average, will serve 60 -70 thousand km (both parts are assembled with levers, the cost is up to $ 40). Also, not the most hardy and rear hub bearings, you will have to change every 60,000 km, but you can even roar earlier, but the front ones are more durable and capable of serving 120-150 thousand kilometers. The interval interval for the replacement of the front brakes is 40,000 km, the rear brakes are 60,000 km, when replacing, always service the caliper.
Renault Duster
Renault Duster is quite reliable and inexpensive to maintain a car, and in general, many owners are satisfied with its running characteristics, although there are still complaints. It is worth noting that maintenance and repair of the all-wheel drive version is much more expensive. With normal operation and understanding of the purpose of a non-frame crossover, Daster will rarely present negative emotions.
  • Reliable power packs.
  • Energy-intensive suspension.
  • Clearance.
  • Controllability.
  • Passage.

  • Few dynamics of the engine when overtaking.
  • Weak paint and varnish coating.
  • Soundproofing.
  • Quality of interior materials.
  • The fuel sensor and the on-board computer are hanging.

After our review, you know about the problems with Renault Duster
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