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Overview of Renault Logan with a 2005-2012 run.
Appearances in the market Renault Logan looked forward to, buyers are not even embarrassed by the fact that the French budget car was collected in Moscow for "Avtoframos", As the price of the car was very attractive. The assembly of Renault Logan began in 2005, and by the end of 2006, more than 56,000 copies were sold. Depending on the specifics of the market Logan is sold under the brands "Dacia","Renault"And"Nissan", Except for Russia, the car is assembled in Romania and Morocco. In 2008, there was a restyled car, the changes touched both the interior and exterior, but there were no significant changes in the technical part (appeared automatic transmission, ABS, the stabilizer of cross-section stability is replaced with the strengthened shock-absorbers). The car significantly benefits from its competitors at a low price, capacious luggage compartment, spacious interior, and most importantly, a year after the start of sales, the car deserved the title of a car that was not killed among motorists. But how much this opinion corresponds to reality, and whether to contact the second-hand Renault Logan, now try to figure it out.As the experience of operation has shown, the body of Renault Logan quite well resists the onslaught of red-eye disease. In the secondary market, very rare cars of this brand with corrosion, and this is a big rarity for the car in this price category. Thanks to a good primer, in places where chipped paint has appeared, rust does not appear long enough. When inspecting the body of Renault Logan with a run, pay attention to the upper edge of the wind and rear glass, gutters, and arches of the rear wheels. On the remaining elements of the body corrosion appears only if the car was involved in an accident.
Renault Logan
Renault Logan is equipped with eight valve engines of 1.4 (75 hp), 1.6 (90 hp) liter, and a 16-valve engine 1.6 liters (102 hp). All power units are simple and reliable in operation, and painlessly digest gasoline AI-92, while not requiring replacement of candles earlier than 15,000 kilometers. One of the most common problems that you can not expect from a car is the sticking of the gas pedal, all this is due to the fact that the cable has a fragile and unreliable attachment. It is not uncommon and leak oil on the crankshaft oil seal, as well as loss of elasticity of the sealing materials of the engine, still often enough the ignition coil failure. If the engine is serviced in time, it will pass 300-350 thousand kilometers without problems.  
Renault Logan
At the Renault Logan first years installed only a manual transmission, after restyling appeared automatic transmission. As the experience of operation has shown, the transmission of the French car goes for a very long time and breaks extremely rarely. But the transmission has its own peculiarity, it has not clear gear changes, this sore is typical for all Renault cars. Clutch even in the mode of hard exploitation nurses more than 50000 km, and with careful use it can pass 100,000 km and more. The car has enough hardy, and a comfortable suspension that smooths smoothness well. The power-hung Renault Logan suspension is really very reliable, problems with the front suspension on small runs were met only on the cars of the first years of production that were assembled in Romania. When inspecting the machine, pay attention to the condition of the subframe, this is the most expensive part of the suspension, which almost always bends during an accident. The rear suspension must be repaired only due to a serious accident.
  • The bushings and pillars of the stabilizer live on an average of 50,000 km.
  • Ball joints with intensive exploitation will serve 60 - 80 thousand km
  • The tips of the steering rods, shock absorbers and supports serve more than 100,000 km.
  • Native hub bearings can pass 90 - 100 thousand km, not the original can pass less than 1000 kilometers.
  • Brake pads are recommended to change once in 30,000 km, disks every 60,000.

Renault Logan
Salon Renault Logan was created on the principle of cheap and angry. Owners of the car at the break tell about the crickets singing from under the torpedo, and the bad docking of panels, as a result, even at low speeds, a quiet salon can not be named. If you want to keep the seats in a normal state, you need to immediately put on the covers, since the fabric is very budgetary and the dirt in it is controlled tightly, and it is very easy to tear. Sound insulation in Logan does not deteriorate over the years, as it simply does not. The cabin filter is very poor quality, so many owners change it to freelance. The pride of the car is the impressive size of the trunk of 510 liters, the volume of which can not be increased, since the back of the rear seat does not have a mechanism for fast folding.

Outcome:It is not worth to expect from this car bright indicators for comfort and dynamics, but it should be noted that Renault Logan is a reliable, inexpensive to maintain and unpretentious car at a very reasonable price. Renault Logan is often used as a taxi or traveling transport, besides, owners of budget machines very often neglect timely service, as a result the car comes to a bad technical condition, and the big run is twisted. Therefore, to determine the actual mileage and not to buy a cat in a poke read this article. The best option for purchase will be a car with a 16-valve engine 1.6, so you can afford a complete set with air conditioning.Pluses:
  • Not bad resistance of the metal to corrosion.
  • Reliable engines, transmission, suspension.
  • Energy-intensive suspension.
  • Cost of service.
  • Weak noise insulation.
  • It is necessary to get used to the mechanical transmission.
  • High fuel consumption, in winter below 9-10 l / 100 km.
  • Quality of interior decoration materials.
  • The rear seats do not have a quick-fold mechanism.
If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps your feedback will help others to choose the right one choose used car.

After our review, you know about the problems with Renault Logan
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