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From Paris with Love: the disadvantages of Renault Megan 2 with a run
Renault Megan 2 - the most popular car of the French brand, which enjoys the invariably steady demand to this day, even though the third generation of the model has already appeared on the market for a long time. The secret of such popularity is that over the years of operation Megan 2 has established itself as a reliable and unpretentious car, due to this, it is perfectly sold and in second-hand condition. As you know, there are no ideal machines, therefore, today we will try to find out, What are the disadvantages of Renault Megan 2 with a run, and what should I look for when choosing a car in the secondary market.

A bit of history:
For the first time Renault Megan 2 was introduced in 2002 at an automobile exhibition in Paris. Initially, the car was produced only in the body of a hatchback with an unusual rear end (The rear window is convex and almost vertical). A little bit later (in 2003), on the review of the public were presented and other modifications - sedan, station wagon and coupe. The car is built on a platform of class "FROM", Which was developed jointly with the company Nissan, therefore, talk about continuity with the predecessor (Megan First Generation Renault) can only be conditional. When designing the rear part of the body, refinements were used, tested on the concept car "Renault Talisman"And introduced into production on the model"Renault Avantime".
Cars in a body sedan collected at a factory in Turkey, other updatings - in France. In some countries Renault Megan 2 in the body of the station wagon was sold under the name "Megan Grand Tour". In 2006, the car was restyled. Changes have touched: front bumper, front and rear optics, as well, the instrument panel has changed. Since that year, only one model of a 1.6-liter gasoline engine has been installed on the sedan. In 2008, there was a debut Renault Megan 3, this version of the car is manufactured to this day.

Renault Megan 2
The body of Renault Megane 2 is well protected against corrosion, The evidence is the fact that on most cars older than 10 years there is not even a hint of rust (applies only to those cars that did not recover after an accident). Also, there is no special claim to the quality of the paintwork. The only place that requires attention to itself is the thresholds and rear fenders, over time, in these places the paint is sanded to metal (The problem is solved by pasting the problematic protective film). Also, you should pay attention to the drainage system in the area of ​​the wipers, because when it gets dirty, water enters the interior and the wiper mechanism, which leads to their oxidation and wedging. Often, there are problems with the electrician, namely - the trunk does not open with the button (the mass is gone) and burn out the contacts of the rear lamps. In the secondary market one can meet Renault Megan 2 with the following power units: petrol - 1.4 (98 hp), 1.6 (115 hp) and 2.0 (136 hp). Very rarely, but still, there are Megan with a diesel engine 1.5 (85 and 105 hp), as a rule, they are imported to us from Europe with large runs (more than 250000 km). Therefore, the choice of such machines must be approached with caution. This type of engine is equipped with a fuel system that is sensitive to the quality of diesel fuel, which in our reality delivers a lot of trouble to its owners (quickly fail nozzles, fuel pump, valve EGR). The only plus of these engines is a small fuel consumption (5.5-7 liters in the city). The petrol motors are better adapted to our operating conditions and without serious consequences they can work on 92-gasoline. As for the reliability of this type of engine, there are no serious comments on their performance. The only thing that causes trouble is the frequent failure of the ignition coils (afraid of dampness). The signal about the need to replace the coils will serve: unstable operation of the engine, jerks during acceleration and deterioration of the dynamics of acceleration. To check the condition of the coils, you need to unscrew the spark plugs, if there is a build-up on them, you will most likely need to replace the coils in the near future. If the car is often refueled with poor-quality fuel, it is necessary to wash the nozzles every 30-40 thousand km. If the gasoline engine started to work as a diesel engine and, together with it, the fuel and oil consumption increased, the phase regulator most likely failed (replacement will cost 300-400 USD..).
Often owners face the problem of the difficult start of a cold engine. The causes of this ailment can be two: the first - contaminated jets, the second - the grid of the fuel pump is clogged (need cleaning or replacement). Also, the disadvantages include: loss of tightness of the gasket gasket throttle, the output of their damper on the crankshaft pulley. All engines are equipped with belt drive Timing, It is necessary to change it no less than once in 60000 km, at the same time it is recommended to change the pump. Replacing the belt Timing it is better to entrust to professionals, as in all motors the pulleys have a stopless landing, and if the fastening bolt is not enough, the pulley can turn around, which will lead to the meeting of the valves with the pistons. Approximately once in 100,000 thousand km, it is necessary to change the catalyst and engine supports.
Renault Megan 2
On Renault Megan 2 installed five- and six-speed mechanics and a four-speed automatic transmission. Operational experience has shown that the automatic transmission is less reliable than the manual gearbox. Machine, with proper maintenance, nurses only 100-150 thousand km, then, a major overhaul of the transmission or replacement is required. To prolong the life of automatic transmission in the cold season, it needs to be warmed up, but, in the summer, it is prone to overheating, especially when driving in traffic. In the mechanical transmission weaken the seat is the clutch disk, the problem is that it is unevenly worn out. The signal about the presence of the problem will be jerks when you switch gears. Also, not known for a great resource and squeeze the bearing, as a result, the clutch has to be changed quite often, once in 60-80 thousand km.Renault Megan 2 equipped with a semi-independent suspension: front - double lever (McPherson), rear - lever-spring with longitudinal arms, articulated on the body of the car and connected by a beam. In terms of reliability and comfort, the car's suspension proved to be quite good. If you do not take into account the pillars and bushings of the stabilizer (whose resource is 20-30 thousand km), then the weakest suspension elements are considered to be supporting bearings and steering tips, the service lines of which in rare cases exceed 50000 km mileage. The remaining suspension elements have a rather large resource. For example, shock absorbers, ball bearings and wheel bearings, often fail after 90000 km mileage. Silent blocks, levers and CV joints at careful exploitation live 120-150 thousand km. As for the steering, then, here, the main problem in a small resource of plastic busbar sleeves (lines of service 80-100 thousand km). Despite the fact that low-quality materials were used for interior decoration, its quality and durability practically does not cause censures even after 10 years of operation. There is no special claim to the reliability of electrical equipment. The only thing that slightly spoils a pleasant impression about the cabin, so this is the incorrect operation of the regular radio, windows and air conditioner. When contacting the service, it is recommended to replace all sensors and connectors, but, unfortunately, in most cases this solves the problem for a short while.
Renault Megan 2
Despite all the shortcomings Renault Megan 2, by right, is considered one of the most comfortable, reliable and inexpensive cars in the segment "C". Choosing a car of this model, you need to understand that it is not young and, most likely, has a solid mileage, so you need to be ready to refuse one or the other nodes.
  • Design.
  • Comfortable suspension.
  • Spacious salon.

  • A small resource of automatic transmission.
  • Problems with the electrician.
  • Poor visibility.

After our review, you know about the problems with Renault Megan 2
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