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Modest European with big ambitions: disadvantages Renault Megan 3 with a run
Renault Megan 3 - one of the bestsellers in the automobile market, however, opinions, whether it is worth buying this car in a second-hand version, the motorists are very different. So, for example, there is an opinion that Megan needs to buy only new ones, to exploit a string of guarantees during the process, and then sell. There is another point of view - if you carefully monitor the car's condition, use high-quality fuel lubricants, and do not neglect the timely maintenance, Megan of the third generation will serve by faith and truth not more than one hundred thousand kilometers. But, as things really are with reliability, now we will try to understand.

A bit of history:  
First generation Renault Megane was introduced in 1995, the machine was designed to replace the outdated model of the market "Reno 19". The novelty was presented in two versions - a five- and three-door hatchback. The second generation of Renault Megan was introduced to the general public at the Paris Motor Show in 2002. The car was built on a new platform "Nissan C platform". Unlike its predecessor, the new version was distinguished by an extravagant design with sharp chopped lines and was a continuation of the ideas laid down in the Renault Avantime. Renault Megan 3 in the back of the hatchback was introduced in 2008 at the auto show in Paris. Models in the body wagon and coupe appeared before the world public in Geneva in 2009.
Above the first prototype of Renault Megan 3 engineers of the company "Renault"Began to work after the beginning of official sales of the second generation of this model. Megan 3, compared with the previous version, significantly lost in the amount of luggage space, ease of access and visibility. In March 2010, the presentation "Renault Megane CC ". The main highlight of this car was a folding glass roof area of ​​just under one square meter. Renault Megan 3, by and large, was updated only from the outside, as most of the details and technical solutions were borrowed from the predecessor. Such a solution significantly reduced investment in the development of a new car. In 2012, a minor restyling was carried out, as a result of which the list of additional options was expanded considerably. The bulk of cars destined for the CIS market were assembled in Russia and Turkey.
In the third generation of Megan, the manufacturer refused to use the plastic body elements (front wings). With regard to corrosion resistance, it is at a high level, and if the car did not recover after an accident, the rust on it does not appear long enough. Like most manufacturers, Renault has saved on the quality of paintwork, so, chips, scratches and swelling paint on the body of a car older than 3 years should not be surprised. But, if they are not, then this is an alarming bell and an occasion for a thorough check of the geometry of the body. Very often, from sudden temperature changes on the windshield, in the vicinity of the air ducts, cracks appear, pay attention to this when inspecting, since the new glass will cost from 200 to 400 cu.Renault Megan 3 It is completed with diesel and petrol power units of different forcing degree - gasoline 1.4 (130 hp), 1.6 (110 hp), 2.0 (135, 143, 150 and 180 hp); diesel 1.5 (90, 110 hp), 1.9 (130 hp) and 2.0 (160 hp). The bulk of diesel cars are imported to us from Europe. To buy such cars is risky enough, since almost all of them have big runs (from 200,000 km), and in order to sell you such a car more expensively, sellers twist the run, at least 100,000 km. The largest distribution in the secondary market was the motor 1.5. One of the common problems of this power unit is the failure of the particulate filter. The first signs of the clogged catalyst will be a deterioration in the dynamic performance of the engine, as well as not stable operation of the engine on idle. To tighten with the replacement of the catalyst is not worth it, if you do not want to spend expensive engine repairs. The replacement of turbine inserts is required to 200,000 km, if it is not used, it can serve less than 100,000 km. Replacing the turbine is not a cheap pleasure, so, in the diagnosis, pay special attention to it. Engine 2.0 - perhaps the most interesting option among diesel engines, in contrast to other diesel power units, it is equipped with a metal chain timing, which has a large resource (up to 200,000 km). Buying a car with a diesel engine you need to understand that their fuel system is demanding for the quality of fuel, and if refueled at unchecked fuel stations, expensive repairs will not take long. As the experience of operation has shown, gasoline power units have a number of drawbacks. So, in particular, in the motor 1.6, together with the timing belt, it is necessary to change the phase regulator, if this is not done, then, eventually, the engine will stop running (the resource of the phase regulator is 50-70 thousand km). The most common shortcomings that all gasoline engines have are often a starter, ignition coils and candles. Also, it is worth noting a small resource of the crankshaft damper pulley, as practice shows, it wears out at a run of 60-80 thousand km. When a part of the pulley is destroyed, they fall under the timing belt, this can lead to belt breakage, for the same reason, the attachment belt also breaks.
Renault Megan 3

For Renault Megan 3 there is a wide choice of transmissions, five- and six-speed mechanics, as well as a four-, five- and six-speed automatic. Theoretically, mechanical and automatic gearboxes are considered not serviced, but many experts disagree with this and recommend servicing the box at least every 60,000 km. Operational experience has shown that the automatic transmission is more reliable than the mechanics. The most common problems of the mechanical box are: the failure of the primary shaft bearing on the run to 100,000 km and the curling of the transmission selection control cables (constant lubrication is required). The disc and the clutch basket are hardy enough and easily crochet over 120,000 km, but the squeeze bearing can not boast such a resource and requires replacement after 50-70 thousand km. Automatic transmission is quite reliable, and with proper maintenance without repair will serve 250-300 thousand km. Salon Renault Megan has not only the original design, but also high-quality materials of finishing and noise insulation. Thanks to the use of soft plastic and quality assembly, crickets in the cabin - a rarity even for cars older than 5 years. There are no significant problems with electrical equipment, however, owners of forums often discuss the inconvenience caused by a malfunction in the system that reads information from the card's chip.
Renault Megan 3
Chassis Renault Megan 3 does not differ endurance, but quite comfortable in operation and cheap to repair. Front mounted suspension type MacPherson, rear - torsion beam. Typical malfunctions of a forward suspension bracket: fast deterioration of bushes and racks of the stabilizer (the maximum lines of service of 15-30 thousand in km), silent blocks of levers live up to 50000 km. Shock absorbers and supporting bearings, on average, serve about 70,000 km. Closer to 80000 km, replacement of ball bearings and hub bearings is required. The remaining elements of the suspension are nursed to 150,000 km. The rear suspension is classified as "not killed", but there is a small catch. Before buying, pay attention to the condition of the rear brake discs, the fact is that the wheel bearings are integrated in them, because of this, this part is considered the most expensive in the suspension, the price for one drive is up to 200 cu. As for the steering, it does not cause any special problems. Helmspins, on average, nursed 50-60 thousand km, traction - up to 100,000 km.Renault Megan 3 - a good option in this price segment, and, in practice, not inferior in terms of reliability to its competitors, and in terms of maintenance and repair costs - looks a little more preferable to other models. The identified weaknesses are not significant, and their removal does not require significant capital investment.
  • Comfortable suspension.
  • A small fuel consumption of diesel engines.
  • Qualitative materials of interior trim.
  • Good sound insulation.
  • Low cost of spare parts.

  • Weak paint and varnish coating.
  • Small ground clearance (165 mm).
  • A small resource of many running parts.

After our review, you know about the problems with Renault Megan 3
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