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Disadvantages of Renault Sandero with a run
Renault Sandero of those cars, about which they say: cheap and angry, thanks to an affordable price and European assembly, the car was very much in demand among motorists. A few years ago, there were queues for this car, now there is no rush, and in the secondary market there were quite a few offers at an affordable price. As you know, any used car has its drawbacks, but what they have in Renault Sandero with mileage, now and try to find out.

A bit of history:
In 2007, Renault introduced a new hatchback - Sandero, built on the platform "B0"In essence, Renault Sandero is a five-door version of the Renault Logan, with a more attractive design. The debut of the novelty was first held in the Brazilian market, and a month later, the car was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. A little later, he launched his serial production under the brand name "Dacia", In Romania, and a year later - in South Africa. In mid-2009, the car began to sell and on the territory of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus. In the same year, production of a small car at the Moscow plant "Avtofrumos". There is another popular modification of this car - Renault Sandero Steppe, front-wheel drive hatchback class "D", but it is perceived and positioned as a crossover.

Renault Sandero
Renault Sandero is positioned as a quiet family car, and the line of motors confirms this: 1.4 (75 hp), eight-valve 1.6 (89 hp) and sixteen-valve 1.6 (105 hp). There are also diesel engines in volume 1.5 (68 - 90 hp), these motors are reliable and economical, but, unfortunately, in our market practically do not occur. As the domestic experience of operation has shown, power units do not deliver any problems, the only thing that the owner needs to do is change the oil every 10 to 12 thousand km and the timing belt with a pump, every 60,000 km. Drivers do not always have enough 75 strong motor, and often, to improve the dynamics, it begins to twist, as a result - the motor wears out more quickly. Of course, not all owners do this, but it's impossible to find out how the car was operated, so, in order not to risk, it's better to take a car with a 1.6-liter engine in the second hands. A more powerful 1.6 engine is unlikely to make a sports car out of the car, but for city traffic its quite enough. Maximum dynamics produces a sixteen-valve motor, the reliability of such an engine is no worse than its counterparts. Of the disadvantages, in comparison with the power packs that were blown out, we can note more expensive maintenance and increased fuel consumption. In the city, the consumption of 8 valve motors 1.4 and 1.6 is up to 8 liters per hundred, 16 valve valves - up to 10 liters, along the route - 6-7 liters. Some owners say that the cooling system thermostat, candles and high-voltage wires break quickly enough. Reno Sandero is equipped with a five-speed mechanic, automatic transmission (Dorestyle) and a robotic single-clutch transmission. The installed manual gearbox has the same problem as many other Renault cars - the fuzziness of the gear shift. In the process of work, the mechanic can make extraneous sounds, according to the official dealer, this feature is considered the norm and does not affect the reliability of the unit in any way. Also, at high speeds (more than 3000) from the box, vibration can be transmitted to the bodywork. According to the manufacturer, the oil in the box is designed for the entire service line of the unit, however, many service people recommend changing it at least once in 100,000 km. The clutch parts even in the mode of rigid operation live 50-60 thousand km, and if the car is treated with care, the clutch will serve 100,000 km or more.
If we talk about automatic transmission, then cars with this type of transmission are not often, probably because many have already heard about the possible problems of this unit. This automatic transmission is well known for many models not only of Renault, but also of Nissan. The main problem of automatic transmission is due to the fact that it is prone to overheating with subsequent expensive repairs, on average such a transmission serves 100,000 km. After restyling, the automatic transmission was replaced by a robot with one clutch. And if you do not want to invest in repair boxes, then consider the option with a robotic transmission is not worth it. The main problems are: fuzzy work (jerking when starting off, especially on the rear gear and under the hill), quick failure of the clutch, and this is an expensive repair every 50 - 70 thousand km.        
Renault Sandero
In front, Renault Sandero has an independent suspension type McPherson, rear - a semi-independent beam. It can not be said that the main elements of the suspension have a great service life, but due to the simplicity of construction and inexpensive parts, you can count on a very reasonable sums for the maintenance of the running gear. The steering rack can begin to knock on 70000 km of run, fortunately, the rack is repairable and in it it is possible to change the failed bushing (repair will cost in 100 - 150 cu). It is worth noting that it's not worth to go repair the rake to the official dealer, there it will not be repaired and will simply be replaced with a new one, and it costs a lot of money. Another problem, the elimination of which will not cost cheaply, is the corrosion of the exhaust system (repairs cost about $ 200).
  • The stabilizer bushings will average 25-30 thousand km.
  • Depending on the driving style, the shock absorbers and bearing bearings will have to be changed every 60 to 80 thousand km.
  • Ball bearings - up to 80,000 km.
  • The tips of the steering links - 70-80 thousand km, traction up to - 150000 km.
  • Levers - up to 90,000 km.
  • Wheel bearings - 80-100 thousand km, non-original can serve less than 1000 km.
  • The front pads need to be changed every 30-40 thousand km, the rear - 50-60 thousand km.
Renault Sandero is difficult to call a bright and dynamic car that can attract a young audience. But if you need a practical, reliable car, for quiet and comfortable movement, and you are ready to close your eyes to some technical and design flaws, then this machine you will like. When choosing Sandero, you need to be very careful, since most of these machines are used as traveling vehicles (taxis, trade representatives). And as you know, in such cars in 99% of cases before the sale is rolled.
  • Reliable power packs.
  • Comfortable suspension
  • Moderate fuel consumption.
  • High ground clearance (175 mm)

  • Poor dynamics of overclocking.
  • Quality of interior trim materials.
  • Automatic and robotic transmission.
  • Soundproofing.

After our review, you know about the problems with Renault Sandero
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