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Advantages and disadvantages of Renault Lagoon 2 с пробегом
Renault Lagoon - a classic mid-size French car that quickly became popular in Europe, however, in our country, it was adopted ambiguously. The main advantages of the car are: affordable price, interesting design, economical engines, premium interior decoration materials, a large number of electrical equipment and useful options. All this looks quite tempting, but, whether it's worth chasing the affordable luxury, now and try to find out.

A bit of history:
The first generation Renault Lagoon appeared on the market in 1994 and was called upon to replace the obsolete Renault 21. Initially, the car was produced only in the body of liftback, but in 1995 the version of the body wagon was presented, which was named Laguna Grandtour, and also, an exclusive version of "Laguna Baccara". The second generation of Renault Lagoon debuted in 2001. The novelty was built on the same platform as the Nissan Primera and was radically different from its predecessor. In addition to the stylistic turn in the company's policy, when designing Laguna 2, a lot of attention was paid to technical and technological improvement. In 2005, minor facelift was carried out, as a result of which the headlights, grille, and also the bumper and bonnet were changed. The updated version was supposed to support customer demand before the release of the third generation of the car, which debuted in June 2007. Renault Laguna 3 was awarded the title of "The most beautiful car of 2007", And also received the Grand Prix in the nomination"The most beautiful interior".

Reno Lagoon 2
On the Renault Lagoon 2 plastic front fenders are applied, on the one hand it is good (no corrosion), but, in the event of an accident, the item is unlikely to be repaired. As for the quality of paint and corrosion resistance of the body, then, at the moment, there are no complaints. The second-generation Lagoon has a large number of available powertrains: petrol - 1.6 (107, 115 hp), 1.8 (120, 125 hp), 2.0 (135 hp), 2.0 IDE (140 hp), 2.0 Turbo (170 hp), 2.0 T (165 hp), 2.0 GT (204 hp) hp), 3.0 (210 hp); Diesel 1.9 (95 to 130 hp) and 2.0 (150 and 175 hp) 2.2 (150 hp). The engines of this car, the owners have never failed, little things, of course, happen, but, to say that the power unit is unreliable - it is impossible. AT CIS, the most widely used engines are 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0. There are no significant remarks to the reliability of these motors, but, after 100,000 km of run, insignificant flaws make themselves felt. The main problems are: the difficult start of the cold engine, floating speed, as well as the incorrect operation of the engine control unit ECU. Fortunately, in most cases, to fix the problem, it's enough to update the firmware, but in some cases it may be necessary to repair the electronic throttle. Also, to the drawbacks of these powertrains can be attributed a small resource of the pump bearing60000 km), engine supports (40-50 thousand km) and the pulley of the generator (up to 100 thousand km of run). There are no special remarks to the work of the turbocharged engine in volume 2.0. So, for example, a turbine, with proper maintenance and proper operation, can serve more than 250,000 km. The most unreliable among the petrol versions is the engine 2.0 IDE. In most cases, after 150000 km, a large number of defects appear, which require serious capital investments (was established before 2005) .Diesel motors Renault always known for good reliability and economy (average fuel consumption 6 liters per hundred). However, in case of untimely servicing (times in 8-9 thousand km) may require expensive repairs and after 100,000 km. The problems of diesel engines are standard for most European cars - a fuel-sensitive fuel system, a small turbine resource (about 100000 km), fragility Injection pump, catalyst, EGR valve (need cleaning once in 40 thousand km) and a two-mass flywheel. One of the most problematic, among the diesels, is the 2.2 engine, in addition to the problems listed above, there is a small resource of the air flowmeter sensor and deformation of the intake manifold. In the engine volume 1.9, because of oil starvation, in most cases, crankshaft liners crank.
Reno Lagoon 2
Reno Lagoon 2 It was equipped with two types of gearboxes - an adaptive four- and five-speed automatic with the possibility of manual gear shifting, as well as five- and six-speed mechanics. Automatic transmission is not famous for its reliability (the rear gear disappears), driving characteristics (starts to kick after 50000 km of run) and a large resource (not more than 200,000 km). The situation is no better with the manual transmission. Its main disadvantages include: fuzzy switching gears, noisy work, oil leaks through the stuffing boxes, a small resource of bearings and clutch. After restyling, the manufacturer managed to eliminate most of the problems.
At the Rena Laguna 2 semi-dependent suspension is applied: in front - McPherson, rear - torsion bar. Despite this, the car has good driving characteristics and is not inferior to cars with independent suspension. If we talk about its reliability, then to call it hardy is quite difficult. If you do not take into account the pillars and bushings of the stabilizer (change every 20-30 thousand km), then we can note a small resource of ball bearings, tie rods, hub bearings and rear pillar cushions (dampers), on the average they serve 40-50 thousand km. Shock absorbers, supporting bearings and silent blocks, with careful operation, run about 80-90 thousand km. Also, to the disadvantages of the suspension can write a high cost of parts and a small selection of quality analogues. The steering is reliable, the only thing that you need to pay attention to is the condition of the electrical connector of the lubricant pressure sensor, in the system PG (there are fluid leaks GUR). In the brake system, the main drawbacks are: rapid wear of the pads20-25 thousand km), the sagging of the hand brake cable and frequent faults in the ABS system (oxidize connectors). The quality of finishing materials and assembly - at a high level, also, it is worth noting and good sound insulation of the cabin. But, to the reliability of the installed electrical equipment, the owners, as a rule, have many questions. Most often, the trouble is delivered by the system of keyless access and car launching (the system does not detect the key). To fix this problem, you need to replace the key card (about 150 USD.). Also, often enough failures occur in tire pressure monitoring systems, light control (spontaneously turns on and off during driving) and air circulation. Quite often, for no apparent reason, the windows and the instrument panel indicators begin to live their lives. In most cases, small "glitches" pass after the car is restarted, but there are also some that require the intervention of electricians.
Reno Lagoon 2
Reno Lagoon 2 - quite an interesting option in terms of comfort and equipment, but, that's only with reliability here is not everything uniquely, plus, the high cost of maintenance and repair. But, if you very much liked this car, then, it is worth looking at post-re-styling copies, as in them, the manufacturer, it was possible to eliminate a large number of shortcomings.
  • Rich equipment.
  • Comfortable suspension.
  • Good sound insulation.

  • High cost of spare parts.
  • A small resource of most suspension parts.
  • Difficult to service engines.

After our review, you know about the problems with Reno Lagoon 2
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