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Frenchman nicknamed "unearthly compact": disadvantages Renault Scenic 2 with a run
Reno Scenic 2 - a compact class C of the French company Renault. For the first time Scenic appeared 13 years ago, and, since then, he is rightfully called one of the most futuristic compacts on the market. This car is hardly suitable for fans to burn rubber in traffic lights races and to cut through the night city at maximum speed. This car will be interesting for those who are accustomed to travel on weekends outside the city, not just one, but a larger family, as well as for those who appreciate in cars practicality and comfort, rather than the appearance and large volume of the engine.

A bit of history:Concept car Renault Scenic was first presented at the motor show in Frankfurt in 1991. The development of the serial model Scenic began in 1995, after the premiere of the hatchback Renault Megan, on the basis of which he was built. The official premiere of Reno Scenic took place in 1996. Despite its fairly high cost, Scenic was a very popular car on the European market (about 3 million copies were produced during the production period), the title "European Car of the Year", appropriated to him in 1997, confirmed this. In 1999, the manufacturer made a small upgrade, during which the front of the car and the dashboard were changed. Also, changes were made to the range of powertrains - 16-valve 1.4 l, (98 hp) and 1.6 l (105 hp) were finalized. In 2000, the first Stage "RX4" came off the assembly line, the novelty differed from the standard version of the car with the availability of an all-wheel drive, increased clearance to 210 mm and slightly modified exterior design. Was withdrawn from production in 2003. Premier Renault Scenic 2 took place in March 2003 at the Geneva Motor Show. Unlike its predecessor, the novelty has not only a common platform with Renault Megane, but also an external similarity. Both cars were built on a new platform of the alliance "Renault-Nissan" - Nissan C. In addition to the usual version, a seven-seat modification was also introduced in the market, which was called the "Grand Scenic". In 2006 at the Paris auto show debuted restyled version of the car. The main changes: the radiator grill got a new style, the bumpers began to paint in the body color, the design of the wheel disks and the interior changed. Grand Scenic became available in two versions - five- and seven-seat, there were "smart" parktronics, squeaking not only when parking, but also at the risk of collision with another vehicle. In 2007, the all-wheel drive version of Scenic appeared on the market, named "Scénic Conquest", the successor to RX4.Reno Scenic 3 was presented in March 2009 at the Geneva auto show. The car traditionally inherited the platform and design of the new Renault Megan 3. At the end of 2011, Renault Scenic of the third generation underwent restyling. During the renovation, the design of the front part changed radically, new power units of the Energy family appeared, the list of equipment expanded. In 2013, in Geneva, presented another restyling version of the model, which was given a modern look, also a list of available equipment was added. Simultaneously with the updated Scenic, the Renault company introduced an off-road modification of the compact van, named "Renault Scenic XMOD".
The main disadvantages of Renault Scenic 2 with a runThe paint coating, like most modern cars, is rather weak, because of this, scratches and chips appear even from a slight mechanical impact. The body iron is well galvanized, so it is not prone to corrosion, even in fractured areas, rust does not appear very long. One of the most common problem is the failure of the hood lock (ceases to close). The temporary solution: before closing the hood, pull out the lock tongue. Often, to fix the problem, just lubricate the lock. If the windshield wipers stop coping with their duties (most often by the passenger), it is necessary to replace the bearing of the trapezium drive (5-10 cu). Over time, the washer of the rear window starts to work again, the reason - wedges the valve of the switch of streams of the washer fluid. Before buying a car, be sure to check that the rear view mirror is working properly, the failure of the heating element is a fairly common phenomenon. Also, special attention should be given: door locks - keyless access stops and the rear window - bursts with sudden temperature changes. During operation, it is necessary to carefully monitor the drainage system and, if necessary, clean it, otherwise it will clog and water will enter the interior through the air intake. Often, moisture falls on the electronic unit responsible for controlling the fan of the climate system and disabling it.
Reno Scenic 2
PowertrainsIn the line of power units Renault Scenic 2 included not only gasoline, but also diesel engines: petrol - 1.4 (98hp), 1.6 (105, 111 and 113 hp), 2.0 (136 and 165 hp) ; Diesel engines - 1.5 (80, 86, 100, 106), 1.9 (115, 120 and 130 hp), 2.0 (110, 150 and 160 hp). All power units are equipped with a timing belt drive, the replacement of the belt with guides and tension rollers is recommended to carry out every 60,000 km of run. To replace the elements of the timing it is desirable to turn to experienced experts, the fact is that the pulley has a keyless landing, and if you do not hold the fastening bolt, the pulley can turn, thereby provoking a fateful meeting of valves with pistons. The damper pulley crankshaft serves 150-200 thousand km. About the problems with the damper will prompt the carcass, the grinding around the engine, which disappears when the clutch pedal is depressed. Simultaneously with the timing belt, it is recommended to change the pump, since very often its resource does not exceed 80,000 km. Another ailment that is inherent in all motors is the failure of the cooling fan resistor. Symptoms - the fan is constantly running at medium revs. The most common gasoline engine is 1.6, its weak point is the unreliability of the phase regulator (there is a crack during the start of the cold engine and dies at idle, also, the engine can not start from the first time) and the failure of the camshaft position sensor. The 2.0 engine, like the weaker engine, is not without problems with the phase regulator, in addition, the owners note an unpleasant squeak while the engine is running. The reason is the peculiarity of the membrane operation of the crankcase ventilation system. On both power units are not renowned for their reliability of the ignition coil, most of all the notorious fame made coils of the firm "Sagem". If the engine has stopped starting, the reason is most likely hidden in oxidized contacts of the crankshaft sensor or Freon pressure in the air conditioning system (it is tied into the common power circuit with other sensors of the power unit). Both engines do not like the economical driving mode (coasting, etc.), as a result of such exploitation there are malfunctions in the ignition system - there is a candle on the candles. Also, such a regime can provoke kinks of rings. The service life of the gasoline pump rarely exceeds 100,000 km. Scenic 2 with diesel power units was not officially supplied to us. Most of these specimens were brought in by means of bribes. As a rule, in Europe such cars are purchased with a mileage of 150,000 km and above, and in our secondary market most of these cars are sold with a mileage of 100-120 thousand km. In Europe, the interval of car maintenance is on average 20-25 thousand km, which negatively affects the engine resource. At the power unit in volume of 1,5 liters after 150-200 thousand in km of the run crank liners turns. Symptoms - there is a knock during the start of the cold motor, and, also, with an increase in speed. To avoid expensive repairs, the liners are recommended to be replaced after 150000 km of run. Replacement of liners costs in 120-150 cu. If the liners are not replaced in time, you will have to change the crankshaft - 600-800 cu. Do not ignore this ailment and turbo engine 1.9 DCI. Unlike a weaker engine, this disease manifests itself on a run over 250,000 km. The turbocharger is reliable and, if properly operated, capable of serving more than 200,000 km, replacement of the turbine will cost 300-400 USD. Depending on the year of production and the volume of the engine, fuel systems of different manufacturers were installed on the car: Delphi (the most capricious) was installed on cars until 2006, Siemens - since 2006, Bosch (the most reliable) - was installed only on 1.9 DCI motors.
Reno Scenic 2
TransmissionRenault Scenic 2 was equipped with two types of gearboxes - 5 and 6-speed mechanics and four-speed automatic transmission DP0 (installed in tandem with petrol power units). Mechanics are reliable and do not often bother their owners. The most common ailment MKPP is the leakage of oil at the junction of the clutch housing and gearbox, the problem is not of a massive nature. Also, some owners note unpleasant twitches at the beginning of the movement - the problem is treated only by replacing the clutch kit. The average service life is 120-150 thousand km. But, automatic transmission on the car of the first years of release was quite a problematic unit. Problems with automatic transmission can begin after 70-90 thousand km of run, the first symptoms about the forthcoming repair of the box will be a twitching. If you do not contact the service, in time, the box will go into emergency mode. Causes - failed oil seals, hydraulic unit, solenoid valves, torque converter, etc. On cars manufactured after 2006, the first problems with the automatic transmission start after 120,000 km. The repair cost of automatic transmission ranges from 200 to 400 cu.
Performance Renault Scenic 2 with a runFront mounted independent suspension McPherson, rear - a semi-independent beam. In good condition, Renault Scenic 2 suspension can provide a comfortable ride. The running gear is the Achilles' heel of this model, especially on the cars of the first years of production. The weak point of the front suspension are hub bearings, on pre-styling versions they could fail after 15-30 thousand km of run, on restyling cars the situation has significantly improved and the service life of the bearing has increased to 70-90 thousand km. Also, to the consumables here can be attributed and spherical supports, on average, 60-70 thousand km. Stands stabilizer nursed up to 80,000 km, bushes up to 120,000 (over time, the bush is "eaten" by the stabilizer, because of this, when replacing, it is necessary to compact their seats). Shock absorbers and bearing bearings (can creak after 50000 km), with careful exploitation will serve 100-120 thousand km. Silent blocks and levers are nursed to 150,000 km. The rear suspension is considered not to be killed, despite this, on some specimens after 100,000 km of run it was necessary to change the silent blocks (they change with the beam). Closer to 200000 km replacement springs of the shock absorber is required - the coil of the spring breaks off. In the steering system, the weak point is the right bushing of the rail - it is quickly broken. Symptoms - knocking from the front of the machine while driving on a rough road. Also, not known for endurance branded steering tips - an average service life of 40-50 thousand km (at replacement is better to give preference to a good analog). The steering rods are capable of serving up to 130,000 km. In the braking system, there are sometimes problems with the correct operation of the automatic parking brake (electric hand) - the pads do not completely leave the disk. The reason is that the cable turns sour (replacement is required), also, the ailment can be caused by the failure of the dual relay on the control board, in which case the repair will cost 300-500 USD.SalonThe quality of the finishing materials corresponds to the class of the machine, from the disadvantages one can note uncomfortable front seats and creaky plastic. What is worse is the reliability of the electrical equipment in the cabin. Most often, owners face a malfunction of the power windows and the air recirculation system. Also, a common ailment is the failure of the dashboard and the interruption of the driver's airbag plume. If moisture enters the interior, due to a blocked drainage system, the electrical wiring begins to decay with time, as a result of which the electrical equipment of the rear of the car breaks down (janitor, stops, number lighting, etc.). On the car, with a run of 100-150 thousand km, there can be problems with air conditioning. The most common is the air conditioner compressor wedging. Often, the air conditioner stops working because of the failure of the electromagnetic clutch and pressure sensors. Also, the malfunction of the air conditioner can cause the system pipeline and seals to wear out at the connection points.

Renault Scenic 2 is suitable for those people who in cars appreciate comfort and practicality. If we talk about the reliability of this model, then it is difficult to call this car problem-free because of numerous small faults, many owners after many years of operation have ambiguous impressions of the car. Optimal option for the purchase is considered the car of the last years of release, before buying it is recommended to conduct a full diagnostic in a specialized service.
  • Capacity.
  • Many variants of salon transformation.
  • Comfortable suspension.
  • The zinced body.

  • A small resource of suspension components.
  • Often electronics fail.
  • Not the cheapest parts.
  • Marc salon.

If you are the owner of this model of the car, please describe the problems that you had to face during the operation of the car. Perhaps, it is your feedback that will help readers of our site when choosing a car.
Yours faithfully, edition
After our review, you know about the problems with Reno Scenic 2
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