Risky Rider Racing On Bike APK
Risky Rider Racing On Bike"Risky Rider Racing On Bike"- racing game for Android OS from the studio Gumdrop Games with a dynamic gameplay. You will drive a motorcycle, perform various stunts, pass an obstacle course.

Running "Risky Rider Racing On Bike"and moving from the main menu to the garage, three starting motorcycles appear. They are only suitable for the initial stage, because they have weak characteristics. The presented vehicles differ only in appearance, the parameters are the same. all control methods are presented, and the basic rules are described. Read the information provided, begin the process of passing.

The first location is a road equipped with a large number of obstacles. Against the background are visible trees, residential buildings, and on the side of the road are fans who have come to watch the performance. After the presentation of the location, tap on the screen and proceed to the passage. The selected motorcycle will appear on the left. Driving them to drive through the entire obstacle course. Make it quite difficult, because on your way you will meet various jumps, broken cars, barrels and even burning circles. The main task is to reach the final point. Any fall will lead to instant loss. During the passage, try to earn the maximum number of points. They are awarded for any tricks performed in the air. After the end of the level, all points are added together and converted into a currency. With it, the user can make an improvement of individual characteristics. This will slightly simplify the process of passing.

Management is not much different from other similar games. On the left, there are two buttons responsible for performing tricks in the air. On the right are the arrows needed to move the bike. The mechanics are unusual, but you can easily get used to it in a short period of time. The gameplay is dynamic, quite complex Graphics can not be called quality, because the developers did not make good detail. However, the overall picture harmoniously underlines the gameplay. During the ride, a variety of colorful visual effects appear. A dynamic musical composition is played in the background. Install free game "Risky Rider Racing On Bike"for Android OS, go through the levels, earn points, make improvement of individual characteristics.

Version APK: 1.0.1
File Size: 19,19Mb
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

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