Road Draw: Climb Your Own Hills APK
Road Draw: Climb Your Own Hills"Road Draw: Climb Your Own Hills"- an interesting game for Android OS from the studio Fun Free Puzzle Games. The developers managed to diversify the racing genre a little. You will not drive a car, but create a road for it.

Running "Road Draw: Climb Your Own Hills"you find yourself in a kind of garage. There is a red starting car. Check out its characteristics and go to the first location. This is a clearing. On the right side there is a platform hanging in the air. After the countdown This platform. It must be continuous, otherwise the machine will fall, and you will lose. Pay attention to the obstacles that are often found on the location. They are represented as holes, ledges, rocks, flying metallic circular It is necessary to build a road so that the car does not catch the obstacles presented, otherwise you will lose. The car has a certain gasoline supply. To replenish it, pick up red cans located at the locations. Passing levels, the user gets gold coins With the help of them, you can upgrade some of the characteristics. This will greatly simplify the process of passing. After accumulating a certain amount of coins, you can buy a new car. Do not forget to change the appearance of the vehicle. After a while, new locations with unique structures will open..

Management is not distinguished by high complexity. To build a road, the user only needs to move his finger across the screen The curved line will be drawn automatically (repeating the movements of the player). Try not to make sharp descents, ascents, and corners. All this only slows down the car. The mechanics are a bit unusual, beginners will need to get used to it. The gameplay is original, interesting, sometimes difficult. Most users will enjoy the gameplay. Graphics has high-quality visual effects. All animations and main objects are perfectly worked out. But the background elements are a bit blurred. However, this did not affect the quality of the overall picture. There is a sound, music. Added donation system, advertising content. Install a free racing game "Road Draw: Climb Your Own Hills"for Android OS, create a road for the car, do not fall into the obstacles.

Version APK: 1.7.6
File Size: 22.95Mb
Android Version: 4.1 and above
Type of License: Free

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