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Version: 1.0.5 What's new: - Improved overall optimization
- Fixed current bugs
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So, today we have such a project as a light "Rocket Racer" from the company "CatfishBlues Games", which, to be honest, was previously engaged exclusively in the creation of any nonsense, and only now took up her head, and began to produce excellent projects for our long-suffering platform. By the way, this novelty is a direct confirmation, because this is not a joke that these arcade races can be played not only on smartphones and tablets, but even on Android TV, this hit not only has Full HD graphics, but also third-party support. HID gamepads.

Now, as for the gameplay. So, in this game, the developers offer us a ride not on cars, and not even on boats, but on most real jet rockets, which, although they will fly strictly along a direct distance, but nevertheless, there will be a lot of deadly traps on their way and obstacles, and this is not counting the fact that your competitors now and then will try to undermine you. By the way, at the moment, in this game, you expect as many as 27 colorful tracks, which are divided into three locations, and differ from each other not only by the obstacles scattered around them, but also by the time of day, and even the weather conditions.

Version APK: 1.0.5
File Size: 52.14Mb
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

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