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Skoda Fabia
Skoda Fabia is rightfully called a folk car. It is worth noting that in its class this model has become most widespread, this car has not been removed from production and is sold in car dealerships, although many cars of this brand are sold on the secondary market. But whether to contact the second-hand Skoda Fabia, let's try to figure it out.
Skoda Fabia
Fabia is represented by two modifications of the 5-door hatchback, which got us the most distribution, as well as a more practical universal combi. On the basis of the combination it was created its pseudo-off-road version of Fabia Scout, this version practically does not occur in our markets. As the experience of operation has shown, the bodies of Skoda Fabia are not badly resisting the onset of corrosion, rust, as a rule, appears only as a result of damage to paintwork in case Accident.
Skoda Fabia
Salon Skoda Fabia made quite qualitatively and does not cause any criticism, the main problems arise with the electrical equipment of the car. In particular, the owners at the forums describe not correctly working electric windows, this is caused by the failure of one of several control elements: the button block on the driver's door, the electronic control unit and the breakage of the window rails. Quite often the electric motor of the stove does not work correctly (noise, vibration), the reason for this lack was the unsuccessful arrangement of the fan (first there is an electric motor, and after it a salon filter is installed along the air duct), as a result, dry leaves, dirt, dust adhere to the fan blades and create an extra load. In order to clean the fan it is necessary to remove the torpedo. It is possible to deliver the plastic corrugated tube to the torpedo tube to the washer of the boot lid window, it can be broken in two places. First: under the torpedo in the area of ​​the instrument panel, as a result, when the washer is turned on, the liquid begins to drip onto the driver's feet. Secondly, it is in the trunk, the tube can break in the area of ​​the rear left wing, as a result, the liquid is flooded with an electrical connector that supplies power to the trunk lid equipment, as a result, the tailgate opening stop, the reverse lights, janitor and other electrical equipment will not work. often enough stop the end of the door locks. With this breakdown, the light in the passenger compartment does not turn on, when the door opens, and if the car is on alarm, it does not fire when the door is opened.
Skoda Fabia
The more volume of the power unit you choose, the less you will have problems in the future. Also, a machine with a large volume will be heated faster, yet it will be more dynamic. A total of four power units 1.2 (70 hp), 1.4 (86 hp), 1.6 (105 hp) are also available on Skoda Fabia, you can also find a turbocharged version with a motor of 1.2 (102 hp). Note, that in engines of 1.2 and 1.6 liters, the timing is driven by a metal chain, and in the motor 1.4 a belt, which should be changed every 80 thousand km along with the rollers. At engines with a chain drive ГРМ at run of 100 thousand, km, the lateral cover of a chain ГРМ can start to leak. For the 1.2 liter unit, only a proprietary oil filter should be installed, using an unoriginal filter, the oil will leak from under the O-ring.    
Skoda Fabia

Front from Fabia is installed McFuckson, and behind the semi-independent twisting beam. It should be noted that the suspension has a number of drawbacks, in particular, the owners note the longevity of the supporting bearings of the front pillars, with a mileage of more than 30 thousand km, they can begin to creak when the steering wheel is turned. Also, the rear silencers of the front levers, which serve from 40 to 80 thousand kilometers of run, can not be called reliable, in addition, they can be replaced quite simply, since their clips are bolted to the aluminum subframe, and in time the bolts adhere and break off when unscrewed. In other respects, the suspension turned out to be quite sturdy, the stabilizer struts care for more than 60 thousand km, shock absorber racks 100 and more thousand km, silencers of front levers and rear beam 150 - 200 thousand kilometers. All Fabia were equipped with one of two gear boxes, traditional mechanics and classical Automatic transmission Tiptronic. Basically, an automatic transmission was installed with a top engine of 1.6 liters. Both gearboxes work without any complaints, the oil in the mechanical transmission is designed for the entire lines of service, although the specialists of firm STO recommend changing it every 100-150 thousand, km. In the automatic transmission oil is desirable to change every hundred thousand km. Skoda Fabia is equipped with an electric power steering. The weak point of this node is the load sensor in the power-assisted system, which often fails, the wiring of the connection may also break, as a result of which the mechanism ceases to work, and to turn the steering wheel it is necessary to apply effort.
Skoda Fabia
Skoda Fabia buys its practicality, capacious trunk, and good quality running parts. Although during operation its equipment can present unpleasant surprises, and the most popular 1.2-liter motor turned out to be too fastidious, so it is recommended to pay attention to more reliable versions with engine 1.4 and 1.6 liters. When choosing a used Phobia you need to be very careful, since many such cars especially in the body of the station wagon served as a taxi and traveling transport of sales representatives, for such cars the mileage could be 300-500 kilometers a day, but if you look at the ads for a second time m market, the cars of 2008 are sold with a mileage of 60-70 thousand km, of course, unrealistic. If you want to buy a good used car, do not look at the cheapest options, and be sure to drive the car to full diagnostics.If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps your feedback will help others choose choose used car.

After our review, you know about the problems with Skoda Fabia
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