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Little workhorse: the shortcomings of Skoda Fabia 2 with a run
Skoda Fabia 2 - one of the most successful models of the Czech brand. This small, economical and comfortable car is recognized as one of the best options for daily movement around the city. There is an opinion that a small car is suitable only for women, but in large cities, where cars are getting bigger every year, compact and dashing machines are gaining increasing popularity among men, and Skoda Fabia 2 is one of them. Therefore, today we decided to check, how things stand with the reliability of this car, and what to pay special attention to when buying this car in a second-hand condition.

A bit of history:
Debut Skoda Fabia was held in the international motor show in Frankfurt in 1999. This model replaced the previously produced model in the market Skoda Felicia. The car was produced in three versions - a hatchback, a sedan and a combi. Skoda Fabia second generation debuted at the auto show in Geneva, in the same year began the serial assembly. They assembled the car in factories in the Czech Republic, India, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, as well as in Ukraine and Russia. The second generation of Fabia was available only in two types of bodywork - the hatchback and combi. The design of the second generation of Fabia is made in the same style as Skoda Rumster.
Compared with the previous generation, Fabia 2 significantly increased in size, despite the fact that they are built on the same platform. In 2010, a restyling version of the car appeared on the market, the main differences from which, from the pre-styling version, were: a modified grille, a front bumper and front optics, also the motors of the TSI family appeared in the line of power units. In the second generation of Skoda Fabia adaptive headlights are installed, and the internal reflecting surface has been replaced by a scattering lens. In late 2014, the Paris Motor Show hosted the premiere of the third generation of the car.

Skoda Fabia 2
Body Skoda Fabia 2 is well opposed to the onslaught of red disease. But, on the quality of the paint and varnish there are censures. So, for example, in places of chips (especially on thresholds and front arches), over time, the paint swells and falls off pieces. Also, there are claims to the reliability of external electrical equipment. Most often, the owners get the trouble of electric wipers, and if it fails, you will have to change the trapeze. Often, there is a malfunction in the operation of the rear window washer, often the owners solve this problem independently - having corrected the turned injector or the shifted drive. If there is water in the trunk, it is necessary to seal all the ventilation openings and holes for the lanterns.Skoda Fabia 2 was equipped with such power units: petrol 1.2 (60, 70 hp), 1.4 (86, 180 hp), 1.6 (105 hp); TSI 1.2 (88, 105 hp), 1.6 (90, 105 hp); diesel 1.2 (75 hp) 1.4 (69, 80 hp), 1.9 (105 hp). When choosing a car of this model you need to know that the more volume you choose, the less problems you will have with it in the future. The most optimal option, in terms of dynamics and reliability, is a power unit with a volume of 1.6 liters, but, and it has minor drawbacks. One of the most common sores of this motor is the failure of the throttle position sensor. Not famous for its large resource and pump, so as not to be in an unpleasant situation, it should be changed simultaneously with the belt and GRM rollers. The motor 1.2 is equipped with a chain drive of the timing, the resource of the chain is small enough, about 100,000 km, and its replacement will result in a rather large penny. It should be noted that if the chain slips and bends the valve, you will have to change the engine, since it is not repairable. Also, the shortcomings of this engine include small power, leakage of the cylinder head gasket and oil seals. At motors 1.2 and 1.6 TSI after 100000 km the expense of oil increases. Owners of cars with the atmospheric motor 1.4 note problems with cold start and long warm-up of the power unit. Not known for their reliability and ignition coil. It is worth noting that all gasoline engines are demanding for fuel quality. Diesel engines are a big rarity for our market, but, for those specimens that are used by us, we can say that they are reliable, but only on the condition that the car will be refueled with high-quality diesel fuel (when using poor-quality fuel, first of all fuel injectors suffer).
Skoda Fabia 2

Skoda Fabia 2 equipped with: a mechanical and automatic transmission, as well as a seven-step robot DSG. The mechanic proved to be the most problem-free. But, and it has its drawback - a small resource of bearings of the primary shaft (130-150 thousand km). A signal about the need for a replacement will be a kind of roar in the box area. Approximately the same number will serve as a clutch kit. The automatic transmission proved to be quite good as well, with proper maintenance (oil change every 60,000 km) and careful operation, 150-200 thousand km will be serviced without repair (after replacement of the hydraulic unit). The reliability of the robotic DSG box has already been said quite a lot, and, unfortunately, the reviews are only negative, therefore, it is better to refuse buying a used car with such a transmission.Skoda Fabia 2 It is equipped with a semi-independent suspension: in front of McPherson, rear - a semi-independent beam. Such an alliance does not provide enviable controllability and comfort, at the same time, the cost of service can not but rejoice. If we talk about the resource of the suspension, then to call it "not killed" is difficult. Stands and bushings of the stabilizer are considered consumables, their resource for safe operation does not exceed 30-40 thousand km. The line of service of silent blocks, hub bearings (they change in assembly with a hub), ball supports and tips of steering rods rarely exceed 80 thousand km. Approximately once in 100000 km it is necessary to change shock-absorbers, support bearings (on the pre-styling versions there are 40-70 thousand km, but they can creak even after 10000 km) and steering rods. Despite the small weight of the car, the brake pads run quite a bit - 30-40 thousand km, disks - twice as long. Despite the low cost of the car, it is worth noting the good quality of the interior decoration materials and noise insulation. If we talk about the electrical equipment of the cabin, then, despite the fact that the car does not have a lot of electronics surprises, it presents quite often. Most often there are failures with the heating system of the seats, the central lock (ceases to respond to the key chain), also, can break off the hood and tailgate hoods, window lifters and stove fan (After the ignition is switched off, the stove continues to operate).
Skoda Fabia 2
Skoda Fabia 2 - a quality European car that captivates with its reputation of reliable and inexpensive to maintain a car. Fabia of the second generation has many advantages, but not without significant shortcomings, despite this, one can confidently say that this model is one of the most successful in the "B-class".
  • A small fuel consumption.
  • Qualitative materials of interior trim.
  • Low cost of spare parts and maintenance.

  • Weak paint and varnish coating.
  • Rigid suspension.
  • Unreliability of the electrical equipment of the passenger compartment.

After our review, you know about the problems with Skoda Fabia 2
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