Smash Bandits Racing APK
Smash bandits racingIn this igrevas waiting for two modes. The first mode is the easiest - here you just participate in a regular race for a while (as in Real racing 3). In the second mode, the game shows itself from a completely different side - in this game mode, you should try to go as far as possible from the police, who pulled all their reserves against you: from simple and armored cars to helicopters, which strive to shoot at you!

The races themselves in this game do not occur in any specialized place, but directly on the streets of American cities, which are teeming with people and cars. Understand, without accidents in such a chaos, well, nothing can be done! Try not to crash into other objects, because it is fraught with complete destruction of your vehicle! Some objects marked in red will completely destroy your car in a single collision..

To make your car more durable, you have to take care of armor and other characteristics. If you cleverly bypass all obstacles, then there is no need to install a heavy armored body - just upgrade the engine. And if you crash and crush everything that moves, be sure to take care of buying a heavy SUV!

Version APK: 1.09.18
File Size: 18.31Mb
Developer: HUTCH GAMES
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

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