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Disadvantages inherent in Ssangyong Actiyon with a run
Ssanggyong Action - the car is far from new and has been selling successfully in large quantities for several years already. In the masses of people the car is called differently, for example, in STS it is called as Akshen, also it is called by employees of insurance companies. This baton was intercepted also by a part of motorists, gradually having modernized "Акшен" in "Экшен". And how much "action" in this car, and with what problems it is necessary to collide after buying second-hand Ssangyong Action of the second generation, now and we will try to find out.

A bit of history:
In 2010, the first generation Ssanggyong Action was replaced by New Actyon, the prefix "New" in the name appeared in order not to confuse the new model with the previous version, which was not in a hurry to leave the market. In many markets, the second generation of Actyon is sold under the name "Korando". New Actyon is no longer a frame SUV, as the first generation, but an ordinary crossover with a bearing body. The design of the car was developed by the best designer of the century, Giorgetto Giugiaro, who painted such cars as "Bugatti » and Ferrari. In 2012, at the Geneva Motor Show was introduced New Actyon in the back of a pickup truck, which with an ordinary crossover has nothing to do. Another restyling New Actyon underwent in 2013, changes affected the front and rear of the body, the interior of the car and the technical stuffing. The bulk of cars sold in the CIS, was going to Russia in the factory "SOLLERS - Far East". The release of the new generation is scheduled for early 2017.

Ssanggyong Action
There is an opinion that the paint coating of Ssangyong Action is thin, and the body iron in the places of chips is rotting to holes, however, the real operating experience suggests the opposite. The paintwork is of medium quality, but it's impossible to say that there are no chips or scratches at all, and it can not be said that the metal does not rust in the chips, but the corrosion spots are superficial and easily removed by the rust converter. Chromirovannye elements of the finish of the body through a couple of winters become turbid and sometimes start to swell, especially on the plates and the luggage compartment lath. At Ssangyong Action of the second generation three power units are available: petrol, with engine 2.0 (149 hp) and diesel 2.0 (149, 179 hp). At first, there were two diesel engines, then a more powerful power unit was removed from production. But, as experience has shown, the engine power of 179 hp was the most successful, as 149 hp for this car is not enough. Machines with gasoline engines in the secondary market are much smaller than diesel engines. Many gasoline Actines have a problem with cold start, especially in winter. For example, a cold engine can start, and after a few seconds it stalls, and so several times. To eliminate the problem, the dealer center offers a replacement for the firmware, but this helps very rarely. Some mechanics suggest that the reason for this behavior of the engine is the fuel rail, since it is installed at an incorrect angle. If the car is not under warranty, then it is possible in an informal service to bend the ramp and change the sealing rings. The diesel engines are very reliable, the only thing that gives the headache to the owners is the exhaust gas temperature sensor on the turbo-charger. The sensor has a small service life, because of this, most of the problems of diesel engines. For example, the car has lost traction, and the "check engine" indicator lights up on the instrument panel. Replacement of the sensor is required every 30-40 thousand km, this repair costs 50-100 $. On Ssangyong Action, a six-speed mechanic or a 6-speed automatic gearbox is installed. Most cars, in the secondary market, are equipped with automatic transmission, mechanics meets, on average, 35% of cars. As the operational experience has shown, both transmissions are very reliable, but some operational deficiencies in them have yet to be revealed. On cars, with a mechanical gearbox, sometimes when you turn on the first and second gear, you can hear a foreign tap or crunch; To eliminate the problem, you need to adjust the traction of the shift lever. In the automatic transmission, which is paired with diesel engines, there are jerks when switching from 1st to 2nd, and also from 2nd to 3rd gears, as well as shocks after a stop. Re-flashing the control unit does not always help to fix the problem. Also, in this transmission are not rare cases of oil leakage, from 0.5 liters to 1.5 liters. The reliability of the all-wheel drive does not cause any complaints, but its performance characteristics are complaints. Many owners note not the timely connection of the all-wheel drive.

Ssanggyong Action
The quality of the finishing materials and assembly of the SsangYong Action interior is not of the best quality, as a result, foreign scratches start to bother even on almost new cars. The quality of the leather braiding of the steering wheel does not stand up to any criticism, on cars with a run of 40-45 thousand km, the steering wheel is covered with bald spots and looks as if a car drove 150-200 thousand km. Quite common cases of failure of cruise control, the ESP sensor, rear windows. Suspension Ssangyong Action has a simple design: in front - McPherson, rear - mnogorychazhka. The second generation Action is one of those cars that have a rather fast start to sound the suspension, that is after 20-30 thousand km of run. Many experienced owners solve this problem by pulling all the suspension connections. If we talk about reliability, then most often you will have to change the anthers of the sircus, good, its cost is not great - 15-20 cu. Also, quite quickly go out of the way stupichnye bearings, they are enough for 30-40 thousand kilometers. The mounting bracket for the rear stabilizer is 40-50 thousand km. Stands stabilizer can withstand no more than 50,000 km, for the original rack ask 25 cu The remaining suspension elements live 100,000 km or more. If, when the rudder rotates from the extreme to the opposite position, clicks or a crunch are heard - it is necessary to replace the lower part of the steering shaft assembly with the ESD, for replacement it is necessary to give about 1000 cu.Ssanggyong Action - urban crossover of great opportunities, which will appeal to a sufficiently large audience of motorists due to its pleasant appearance, the availability of full drive and low cost in the secondary market. If we talk about reliability, then despite a number of identified shortcomings, the car can be classified as reliable. And those problems that have been identified, more belong to the category of children, and do not require expensive repairs.
  • Design.
  • The presence of the full drive.
  • Reliable power packs.
  • Affordable price.

  • Difficult start of the cold engine.
  • Resource suspension.
  • The rattling salon.
  • The cost of original spare parts.

After our review, you know about the problems with Ssanggyong Action
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