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What to look for when buying SsangYong Kayron with a run
Ssanggyong Kairon - a car that is loved for its multifunctionality: patency, spaciousness and comfort. And if to add to this good set also an affordable price, then what is not a dream machine. True, our motorists are a little afraid of this Korean brand, and sometimes even confused with Chinese cars. The reason for this attitude is not even that the car is very unreliable, but because the history of Ssanggyong in our country is not that long, even though this brand exists from the middle of the last century.

A bit of history:   
In 1954, in the era of war between the two Koreas, the company "Dong-hwanMotorCompany", Which produced military equipment. Later, this company expanded its range, adding special equipment, trucks and passenger transport. The name Ssanggyong appeared in 1984. The Kieron model was first introduced to the public in Germany, in 2005, sales started in 2006. The car was built on the basis of SsangYong Rexton and almost immediately became the flagship of the Korean all-wheel drive cars. The first Kairon was very scolded for the Asian style, despite the fact that the author of the design was an Englishman Ken Greenlee. Perhaps therefore, in a year and a half restyling was done, the author changed the design and thereby calmed the European public, unable to accept the Asian realities. However, because of the low price and good reliability, Ssanggyong Kairon has become one of the best selling SUVs in the world.

Ssanggyong Kairon
The body of Ssangyong Kairon consists of three grades of steel, of which the share of high-strength metal is no more than 25%. Metal body parts well resists the onslaught of red disease, corrosion in places of chipped paint does not appear even after 2-3 years. The paintwork is quite strong, which is not typical for Korean cars. When inspecting the 2008-2009 vehicles, pay special attention to the front left wing in the welding zone of the bracket on which the battery is installed - in this place a crack appears over time. Also, there are complaints about the electronic mechanism of folding mirrors - about once a month the lamps of passing light and dimensions are burned out. The popularity of this car is added by its motors, or rather their noble originall installed power units were developed by Mercedes). The most common motor is diesel, with a volume of 2.0 (141 hp) and it is to its reliability that the most complaints are. The sealing rings of the heat exchanger require constant monitoring, as they are weak in this machine, and if they are weakened, the antifreeze will get into the oil, resulting in an emulsion in the engine that speeds up the wear process of the motor. Often the vacuum modulator of the turbocharger breaks down, as a result, the car significantly loses power. This power unit is equipped with a turbine, and if high-quality fuel and lubricants are used, it will live for a long time - 250-300 thousand km. The gas distributing mechanism has a chain drive, the chain is qualitative and not prone to sprains, but the hydraulic puller can break down for 50,000 km (repair costs 100 -120 cu). The tensioning roller of the drive belt rarely nurses more than 30000 km (replacement 40 - 50 USD) .Also, in the secondary market you can find cars with a turbodiesel engine of 2.7 liters (186 hp) and gasoline engines - 2.3 (150 liters) .s.) and 3.2 (220 hp), but such power units are very rare, there is practically no statistics on them. Of the most common sores can be noted: leakage of the crankshaft oil seal, valve cover linings and the exit of their oxygen sensors. All types of engines do not like strong frosts and already at -25 ° C, many owners do not even try to start a car. In megacities, due to the impact of chemicals, the radiator often breaks down, which gets all dirt from the road through wide enough holes in the grille.
Ssanggyong Kairon
TransmissionSsangyong Kairon is equipped with a five-speed mechanics, four- or five-speed automatic transmission. Regardless of the type of transmission, it is recommended to use only branded oil, called SsangYong, to significantly extend the service life of the box. As the domestic experience of operation has shown, in general, both transmissions are reliable enough, but there are still some minor remarks to them. Mechanical transmission received a lot of criticism of the owners for the fuzzy inclusion of 2, 3 and 4 transmission (this feature does not affect its reliability). The clutch and release bearing in the mechanical box goes 130 - 150 thousand km, on every second machine, on the same run, we have to change the two-mass flywheel, and this pleasure is not cheap. The automatic transmission does not work correctly (jerks during the shifts); the problem is eliminated by installing a newer firmware. Many buy Ssangyong Kairon for its patency, and for being equipped with all the joys of a mushroom picker and hunter, which are increasingly rare in modern crossovers. And that this joy lasted for as long as possible, do not neglect the maintenance of the transmission and the features of operation. In the transfer case type "Part-time"Special attention is required not only oil, but also the connectors of the electric motor of control modes. Quickly rotate the contacts of the connectors, in connection with this, the front bridge may stop connecting. In the transmission there is no inter-axle differential, the front axle is connected rigidly and this should always be remembered. In no case can not ride on the asphalt with a permanently blocked all-wheel drive, otherwise all the transmission nodes will overheat and it will quickly fail.
The car is equipped with a large number of electronic circuits and control units connected via a CAN bus, which, by means of digital codes, helps to interact with most units and assemblies. And if the car was not flooded with water, the electronics will work without failure. The instrument panel is not included in the general system of multiplex wiring. Therefore, there is the possibility of "twisting" the car's mileage, since the odometer indicators are not duplicated anywhere.
Ssanggyong KaironSsangyong Kairon is equipped with an independent suspension, which is badly balanced, so a large half of the owners improve it independently. Springs will last 2-3 years, after which they are changed to non-original ones, for example, from "Neva Chevrolet" or "SsangYong Rexton". After 50,000 km of run, the cardan shaft starts to blur, and there were also cases of breakage of the rear axle. The steering rack is not repairable, in case it starts to knock, it can be tightened.
In suspension, most often have to change:
  • The upper and lower ball bearings sometimes do not nurse and 10 thousand km, reinforced - enough for 50,000 km.
  • The bushings and pillars of the stabilizer are 30000 km.
  • The tailpieces, depending on the operating conditions, will serve 40-60 thousand km.
  • Wheel bearings - 70000 km (they are assembled with a hub).
  • Steering links - through 100-120 thousand in km (thrusts change only in gathering with the steering mechanism).
  • Shock absorbers - 100-120 thousand km.
The car has good reliability, manageability and functionality. And if we add to this the low fuel consumption (an average of 8 liters per hundred), good cross-country ability, frame structure of the body and an adequate price, we can safely say that Ssangyong Kairon is an ideal option in this segment, both for off-road trips and for driving around the city. But we should not forget that buying this car with a mileage, there is a great chance to buy a cat in a poke, as many owners use cars for their intended purpose and "kill" the car to 100,000 km.
  • Affordable price.
  • Spacious salon.
  • Good off-road ability.
  • Frame construction of the body.

  • Unstable quality.
  • Weak suspension.
  • Expensive service.

After our review, you know about the problems with Ssanggyong Kairon
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