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Disadvantages of a Japanese with a German heart. Review Ssangyong Rekston with a run
SsangYong Rexton call Korean "ML", And it's no accident. The fact is that many units and assemblies, for example, engines, transmission and chassis were used here from "MERCEDES ML". And if, at the moment, your budget does not allow you to buy a real ML, then you can temporarily settle for Ssanggyong. But there is a reservation here. Indeed, Koreans use licensed units of the company "Mercedes", But with its own modifications, so the stories that absolutely all the details of Rekston are interchangeable with Mercedes ones - mostly bikes. Looking ahead, I will say that the completion of the aggregates did not affect their reliability in any way. Owners of the new SsangYong Rexton vied with each other in praise of this car, but what to expect from a car with a mileage of more than 100,000 km now and try to find out.
Few facts:  
For the first time, the SUV SsangYong Rexton was presented to the public at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt in 2001, the same year, the first copies of the assembly line left the conveyor. The car is equipped with a powerful spar frame, a constant drive of the rear wheels with a forced or automatically connected front axle. A downshift, long-suspension suspension and relatively small overhangs make it clear that the car is designed to conquer the off-road. In 2004, to increase sales, the manufacturer carried out restyling, as a result of which the radiator grille and wheel arches were changed. The next restyling was carried out in 2007. In addition to the exterior, changes have affected the characteristics of the suspension, steering, and the car body has become a bit stiffer on the twisting, which has a positive impact on handling. Also, there were new headlights, a grille, a bumper, a little bit a plastic body kit around the perimeter of the body. The next major restyling took place in 2012.

SsangYong RextonSsangyong Rexton is praised for the indicators of passive safety - the base already has front airbags and stability control system. The number of this car is located on the frame, therefore, before buying a car, be sure to see if it is read well, otherwise you will doom yourself for a lengthy examination at the MREO. Most likely, you will come across the fact that not all spare parts for Rekston are in stock, and some of them have to be ordered only from an authorized dealer. The body of the car just does not rot, the rust appears after a faulty repair or not cleared in time. The paintwork here is weak, as a result, the body is quickly covered with scratches and chips. Also, the owners cite the quality of the chrome body elements. Ssangyong Rexton has several gasoline engines: the first, the weakest 2.3 (150 hp), the cars with such a power unit are not small, but here's the feedback on their performance characteristics are not very good. This motor for such a big machine is frankly small. Other powertrains are more powerful - 2.8 (197 hp) and 3.2 (220 hp), and three diesel, with a volume of 2.0 (155 hp), 2.7 (165 and 186 hp). Gasoline power packs do not have any complaints from owners, there are copies that have passed more than 400,000 km without serious repair. The timing gear is driven by a metal chain that has a resource of 200,000 km. Due to the fact that the petrol versions have a large fuel consumption (20 liters in the city), many owners, to save money on fuel, equipped the car with gas-cylinder equipment. As a result, the service life of coils and spark plugs decreases. Diesel engines are very demanding on the quality of fuel and if refueled with low-quality fuel, you will have to clean the fuel system and change the injectors. Therefore, it is better to choose a car with a diesel engine, which was operated in a metropolis.
SsangYong Rexton
TransmissionAt Ssanggyong Rexton, there are two versions of the gearbox - a five-speed mechanics and a four-speed automatic. The mechanical transmission has its own peculiarities - transmissions are not very easy and unclear, especially the first and second gears. Servicing the box should be more often than on other cars, at least once in 40,000 km. If we talk about the automatic transmission system, in addition to being a little thoughtful, no longer has any drawbacks, and in most cases, nurses more than 300,000 km. The transmission of the all-wheel drive connection was selected by the buyers from two options - the first "Part Time"With a hard connection of the front axle, the second -"Smart-TOD", When the front wheels are connected automatically with viscous coupling. With the first type of transmission, when the bridge is connected rigidly, it is only possible to drive constantly with the all-wheel drive on in the off-road and on a slippery road. If the previous owner was constantly driving with the all-wheel drive turned on, then most likely, you will have to change the entire system. Also, there may be problems with the vacuum modulator connecting the front axle. Lubrication in the front and rear gearboxes must be changed every 40000 km. The main problem with this drive is that the electronics fail and the drive no longer connects; in the service the cause of this feature is not revealed.
As for electricians, it is difficult to talk about any frequently recurring problems. Masters in the service, and many owners, say that they have experienced breakdowns, and with completely different. In general, we can say that the quality of wiring and electrical connections in this car is not at the highest level. Also, a frequent phenomenon in these cars is the failure of an immobilizer (it is not repairable), so it will have to be changed.
SsangYong RextonThe front suspension is independent two-link, the rear suspension - dependent with a powerful split bridge (after 2012, an independent suspension is used). Suspension Ssangyong Rexton is quite strong, and most parts withstand at least 70,000 km (for neat drivers). The frame structure, high ground clearance (195 mm), all-wheel drive, lowering transmission and strong underbody protection allow Rekston to overcome serious off-road. Most often, owners who use the car for their intended purpose (off-road driving) have to change the ball bearings of the front levers every 30 - 40 thousand km, with urban operation - 50 - 60 thousand km. The biggest drawback is that the ball is changing with the lever and silentblocks, and this pleasure is not cheap. The bushings and stabilizers of lateral stability serve up to 50,000 km, shock absorbers - up to 100,000 kilometers. The rear suspension can be called eternal, since there is nothing to break, pay attention only to the condition of the bearings of the semi-axles. To 100,000 km, when driving on a rough road, you can hear a knock in the suspension. The reason for this sound is the wear of the steering rack bush, and the seals of the rack are also starting to flow on the same run. But do not be scared, because the steering rack is repairable. In conclusion, about steering, I want to note that the tips of the steering rods and traction have a sufficiently large service life, more than 150,000 km mileage. On the road, Ssangyong Rexton is perceived as a large solid and comfortable car, and most importantly, that the car is absolutely not afraid of ours broken roads. And if you need an inexpensive frame medium-sized SUV class K2, then SsangYong Rexton is exactly what you need, but if you do not plan to conquer dunes, then for this money you can find options and more interesting.
  • Frame construction of the body.
  • Great resource of engines and transmission.
  • Permanent all-wheel drive.
  • Comfortable suspension.
  • Good sound insulation.

  • Obsolete design.
  • Weak paint and varnish coating.
  • High fuel consumption in petrol versions.
  • No on-board computer.
  • Unreliable electronics.

After our review, you know about the problems with SsangYong Rexton
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