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What to expect from the "forester" with age: shortcomings Subaru Forester with a run
?Subaru Forester - one of the most popular models of the Japanese brand, is produced since 1997. Forester the third generation outgrew its predecessors and moved to the category of full crossovers. Most fans of this model were skeptical of the changes that occurred as a result of the chase of the manufacturers for fashion trends, but despite this, the car enjoyed a good demand and sold a large print run. But, as things stand with the reliability of the second-hand Subaru Forester 3, and what to look for when buying this car in the secondary market, now about this and talk.

A bit of history:
Subaru Forester (forester) - a car with a relatively small history. The debut of the first generation took place in 1995 at the auto show in Tokyo. This car came to replace the Impreza Gravel Express, more known in America and Europe, as Subaru Outback Sport. The second generation debuted on the market in 2002 and is considered one of the most successful versions of this brand. Subaru Forester third generation was first introduced in 2007 in Japan. The international debut of the novelty took place at the 2008 Detroit auto show.
Beginning with the third generation, the manufacturer abandoned the frameless side windows used on the Subaru since the early 70's. Compared to its predecessors, the wheelbase was increased by 89 mm, while the total length increased by only 76 mm. For the European and American markets, different versions of the car are produced. In 2010, restyling was carried out, this update almost did not affect the design, except for the steel only bumper and grille. Major changes occurred with technical equipment and complete sets. Fourth generation Forester was launched in late 2012, and in 2015 an updated version of the car was presented at an auto show in Tokyo.

Subaru Forester 3

Body iron Subaru Forester third generation is not prone to corrosion, but only if the car did not recover after a serious accident. But, the quality of paintwork is not the highest level, as a result, chips and scratches appear quickly enough (it is fair to say that this problem is relevant for all modern cars). Also, the windshield is not famous for its strength. Because of its not very good location, the contact group of the headlight corrector can rot. The third generation Forester was equipped with opposing engines: petrol H4 - 2.0 (150 hp), 2.5 (170 hp) and turbo engine 2.5 (230 hp); diesel H4 2.0 (147 hp). Opposite motors, in comparison with conventional engines, are considered more difficult to maintain and repair. So, for example, in order to replace the spark plugs, you will have to spend more than one hour of time and a lot of nerves, therefore, it is recommended to service the car on branded service stations. The most reliable, among the petrol power units, have proven atmospheric 2.0 and 2.5 liters. Both motors are equipped with a chain drive timing, the chain and tensioner have a fairly good resource - about 200,000 km, but, nevertheless, after 100,000 km, one must constantly monitor their condition. Owners who like dynamic driving, note that after 50,000 km of mileage, the engine oil appears. Of the main drawbacks of these engines can be identified: insufficient power for this car, a small resource of ignition coils and oil leaks. Buying a car equipped with HBO, you need to be ready to regulate the thermal gaps once in 40-50 thousand km, the complexity of this procedure is that, that for this it is necessary to remove the engine (on the STR for this work will ask for about 250 USD.). To buy in the second hand Forester with a turbocharged engine is quite risky, especially if you only conduct a visual inspection. The fact is that, often, a car with such a power unit is bought for active driving, as a result, the turbocharger wears out quickly, and pistons may also start to collapse. One of the most common problems of this motor is that when driving dynamically, it breaks the cylinder head gasket to avoid this, it is necessary to replace the original mounting bolts with reinforced ones.
Diesel engines have not only good dynamics and efficiency, but also a number of serious shortcomings. So, in particular, on cars that were produced in the period from 2008 to 2010, the problem with the failure of the crankshaft (bursting) is quite common. Also, they are not renowned for their reliability of injectors and dual-mass flywheel. Often, the owners are called a low-quality filter of particulate matter.
Subaru Forester 3
For Subaru Forester 3 three gearboxes are available - five- and six-speed mechanics, four-speed automatic. The most reliable proved itself a time-tested four-stage automatic, its biggest disadvantage is sluggishness and thrust when starting and shifting gears. It does not cause much trouble and mechanics, only on cars with a diesel engine of the first years of production, after 50,000 km, there may be problems with the clutch. On the other versions, the clutch serves 100-120 thousand km. It should be noted that cars with automatic transmissions do not have a permanent all-wheel drive, since here instead of the central differential, a multi-plate clutch controlled by electronics is used.Subaru Forester 3 equipped with a fully independent suspension: front - McPherson, Back - multi-lever. The car uses a self-leveling suspension SLS, which is quite expensive to repair. Owners who do not want to spend a lot of money on running repairs, install conventional shock absorbers. The suspension of the car is not famous for its stamina, but, when using the machine for its intended purpose and at all - it can be unpleasant to surprise. The fastest bushes and stabilizer struts are surrendered, as well as silentblocks in the upper rear A-arms (change with the lever) and ball bearings, their resource in rare cases exceeds 60,000 km. Shock absorbers, bearing and hub bearings, with careful operation, can hold up to 80,000 km. Not renowned for their reliability and anthers of the joints and, if you do not monitor their condition, then the joints will not produce half of its resource. Brake pads, on average, serve 40-50 thousand km, disks - up to 100,000 km. Salon Subaru Forester is quite simple, and the used finishing materials are not of the best quality, because of this, over time, criminals appear in the cabin, but more all, creaks and knocking bother the owners in the cold season. The main sources of noise are: front pillars, torpedo, door trim and plastic trunk elements. It is not famous for Forester and good noise isolation, but most owners solve this problem on their own. There are complaints about the reliability of electrical equipment. One of the main drawbacks are malfunctions in the operation of the air conditioner, which can work when driving an auto, and when stopped - disconnect, for example, in a traffic jam. In most cases, to solve the problem, it is necessary to replace the fan fuse. Often, the cigarette lighter comes out of the system, it would seem that the problem is not great, but to eliminate it you have to disassemble the entire console. Also, it is possible to note the malfunctions in the operation of the power windows, the central lock and the heating of the front seats.
Subaru Forester 3
Subaru Forester 3 refers to a number of cars that are called "sound", But, he has a number of shortcomings. Many car enthusiasts do not like its design, comfort level and handling, but if you choose a car for specific tasks, then this car should be looked at.
  • Spacious salon.
  • Large ground clearance.
  • Corrosion resistance of the body.
  • Passage.

  • High cost of maintenance and repair.
  • Weak paint and varnish coating.
  • A small resource of suspension.

After our review, you know about the problems with Subaru Forester 3
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