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"My own among strangers ...": shortcomings Subaru Tribeca (B9) with a run
Subaru Tribeca - a mid-size, almost "luxury" SUV of the Japanese company Subaru, produced from 2005 to 2014. At a time when the struggle for success in a relatively new segment (crossovers) was only gaining momentum, the company Subaru She did not want to stand aside and created on the basis of existing models "Legacy / Outback", An all-wheel drive vehicle that fits all the canons of this class. Appearing for the first time on the market, Subaru Tribeca immediately found his admirers and opponents thanks to his original design, which did not leave indifferent even the most fastidious car enthusiasts. Also, the main chips of this machine, which caused a lot of controversy and discussion can be attributed: opposing engines, symmetrical four-wheel drive and a spacious seven-seater. But, as the car proved to be reliable in terms of reliability, and what should I look for when choosing Subaru Tribeca in the secondary market, now we will try to find out.

A bit of history:The debut of Subaru Tribeca took place in 2005 at the international auto show in Detroit. Initially, the car was officially sold only in the US market. A year later, his sales in the CIS and other European countries started, but at home (Japan) this model was never sold. The development of Subaru Tibec was entrusted to the designer Andreas Zappatinas, who before that was engaged in the creation of a number of models Alfa-Romeo and other Subaru models. The name "Tribeca" derived from "TriBeCa"- the neighborhood of New York. Unlike its competitors, the "Tribeca" did not have a front-wheel drive version, all cars are equipped with a permanent all-wheel drive with an electronically controlled clutch. The second generation of the car made its debut at the 2007 auto show in New York. Subaru's management decided to turn out to be a "bold" design, thanks to this the novelty got a more reserved, but, in its own way, interesting appearance. The design of the exterior has not changed much, and, as before, causes associations with the spacecraft. On October 18, 2013, Suburu informed its customers of the discontinuation of the production of the Tribeca model in 2014. The reason for this decision was small sales volumes, for example, in the United States in 2013, about 1,300 copies were sold.

Subaru Tribeca
Weak points and shortcomings Subaru Tribeca with a runThe quality of the paintwork is satisfactory. However, in cars older than 8 years, it is possible to swell paint on the roof near the bottom edge of the boot lid, wheel arches and near the windshield rubber seal. If a chipped stone appears on the front or rear bumper, it must be urgently removed, otherwise the paint will begin to melt at this point. Also, special attention is required by the hinges of the boot lid, the fact is that, in due course, they appear in them.EnginesAll deresteystyling versions of Subaru Tribeca (B9) were equipped with an opposing 6-cylinder power unit EZ30 volume of 3.0 (245 hp). After restyling to replace the petrol "treshke" came a more powerful engine EZ36 the volume of 3.6 liters (258 hp). Due to the unusual structure of the engines, it is sometimes not so easy to find a good service for maintenance and repair of the units, therefore, before buying this car, it is advisable to make sure that there are qualified craftsmen in your area. The main drawback of both powertrains is their tendency to overheat (is valid for cars with mileage more than 150000 km). If you do not follow the temperature of the engine, the consequences can be the most sad. On overheated engines, the most common problems are: breaks the gasket under the cylinder head (most often on the right side). To replace it you will have to remove the "head", which from overheating can deform or burst. If the deformation is not significant, the problem can be solved by grinding. Often, after the motor overheats, scoring occurs in the cylinders, as a result of which the oil consumption increases. To protect the engine from possible problems, it is necessary to regularly monitor the level of coolant and regularly clean the radiator. Both motors are equipped with a chain drive timing, with the timely replacement of lubricants, replacement of the chain and tensioner will be required on a run of 200-220 thousand km. The signal for the necessity to carry out this procedure will be the appeared metallic ringing at start-up and diesel idling. On copies with a range of 150-200 thousand km, the thrust failure is observed. The main culprit of this disease is the fuel pressure regulator, which is installed in the fuel pump. Replacement of the pump will cost $ 300-500, but you can save money by replacing the failed controller (for repair it is necessary to lay out 80-120 cu.). On the same run there are problems in the ignition system (there are omissions), to eliminate the drawback, you will have to remove the tracks in the computer. Closer to 200,000 km, the catalytic converter breaks down, which will have to be cut out, and a flame arrestor must be installed in its place, after repair work, it is necessary to reflash the engine control unit. Some owners complain of the appearance of detonation. It is worth noting that, in essence, this problem is faced by owners who use AI-92 gasoline instead of 95.
Opar Subaru Engine
TransmissionOn the Subaru Tribeca only automatic transmission was installed - a five- and seven-stage automatic machine of the firm "Jatco". In general, both boxes are reliable, but, when choosing an auto, one should take into account the fact that on American versions there is only one cooling radiatoron European two), because of this, it is not difficult to overheat the box, but, as is well known, when its overheating is frequent, its resource is significantly reduced. With careful operation, the first repair of the transmission will be required closer to 200,000 km of run, it is necessary to change the solenoids or the hydraulic assembly in assembly (800-1000 cu). Hardly earlier there can be problems because of destruction of a shank of a box, in this case on restoration of transmission it is necessary to spend nearby 500 cu.Subaru Tribeca it is equipped by firm system of symmetric full drive «Subaru AWDWhich distributes the torque along the axes by means of a central differential. In general, the system is quite reliable and rarely delivers problems to its owners. Of the main troubles that appear after 100-150 thousand km, one can note the wear of the crosses of the cardan shaft (there are vibrations). Replacement of the cardan will cost almost 1000 USD, if it will be possible to find a specialist who will replace the crossings separately, invest in 70-100 USD. If the indicator on the dashboard frequently indicates the overheating of the rear differential, the problem is most likely caused by corrosion on the sensor contacts.Features and Disadvantages of Running Subaru Tribeca with a RangeIn the suspension of Subaru Tribeca, double wishbones are used. The upper levers are made of lightweight aluminum alloy, while all the others are made of steel. The ground clearance is 20 cm, this is more than enough not only for urban adventures with curbs, but also for outings on nature. Also, I want to note good handling and a high level of comfort. If we do not take into account the fragility of the legs of the stabilizer (resource 20-30 thousand km) and transverse links of the rear suspension (go out of action on a run of 50-70 thousand km (actual for cars until 2009 of release), then the suspension can be considered very strong. The second problem is solved by installing reinforced parts (after the replacement it is necessary to make the alignment-convergence) - Catalogue number 20250XA060KAI (200 cu) .The front wheel bearings go to 150,000 km, the rear bearings to 200,000 km (Change only in assembly with the hub). Shock absorbers start to flow after 150000 km, at about the same time replacement and silent blocks of levers will be required. And, here, the basic bearings can make themselves felt and on the run in 80-120 thousand km. The steering rack on most specimens starts to flow after 100,000 km of run (The top gland requires special attention), good, it is repairable (repair kit will cost 100 US dollars.). With an aggressive driving style, after 40,000 km, native brake discs can start to warp, therefore, many owners recommend replacing them with analogues from brands Brembo, JBT and K-sport.SalonSalon Subaru Tribeca is made of quality materials, due to this, extraneous sounds in the cabin - a rarity even on cars older than 5-7 years. And, here, electronics can start to bother after 100,000 km of run. Most often, the owners are called to malfunction in the multimedia system - there is a spontaneous on / off of the monitor, also, the image may jerk. Replacement of the monitor - pleasure not from cheap, about 800 cu If you find an intelligent master, the monitor can be repaired, in which case the costs will not be as significant as 200 cu. For a run of 150,000 km, the climate control lights can dim out. To solve the problem, you need to solder the microcircuit installed under the top cover of the radio. Also, the disadvantages of the cabin include insufficient efficiency of the stove. The reason - in the hammered channels of the radiator of the heater (one of the circuits). To eliminate the defect, it is necessary to replace the radiator.
Subaru Tribeca. Salon
Subaru Tribeca - a very attractive option for acquiring, not only in terms of price, but also in terms of reliability, but, unfortunately, there are not so many "live" specimens on the secondary market, therefore, when selecting a car of this brand, you must be extremely careful.
  • Four-wheel drive.
  • Spacious salon.
  • Good handling.

  • A small selection of powertrains.
  • High maintenance cost.
  • High fuel consumption.

After our review, you know about the problems with Subaru Tribeca
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