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Taxi Simulator 2018The fact that almost every successful person dreams of a car is practically no secret to anyone, as a matter of fact, that these same cars are now incredibly expensive, so the question is: how can you quickly and comfortably move around the city until collected money for a private car - correctly with the help of a taxi, which will be discussed in our today's android novelty called "Taxi Simulator 2018". That is, by running this project, you can, if you wish, transform into a taxi driver who got a job in a taxi company, in order to earn money, to get yourself a new car. Well, ready to help the main character to realize his dream?

Gameplay free newsTaxi Simulator 2018”, It begins with the fact that gamers need to choose one of the cars offered by the employer in order to do some driving. Here, to be honest, there is absolutely nothing difficult at all, because, as only one incredibly decrepit, rotten car is initially available, for all other more or less normal cars, you need to pay rather substantial insurance premiums. Therefore, take the first, and then proceed to work. Once on the roadway, you need to forget that there is a game in front of you, and imagine that this is real life, because you must strictly follow the rules, stopping at traffic lights, using turn signals, including even stopaks in case of emergency car breakdowns.

As soon as a new order arrives, a map will open here, with a point indicating the location of the client, who needs to pick up faster than the bullet, so that he does not get bored and call another taxi. Having picked up the passenger, he will indicate the destination to which he needs to be delivered. Well, after that it’s up to you to decide which one to carry. Just remember, the sooner the client gets home, the more tips he will leave, and the money in this project plays an important role. They can not only acquire new cars, but also carry out high-quality repairs to existing machines, thereby pumping their basic parameters (top speed, handling, acceleration).

In general, if you don't mind testing yourself as a professional taxi driver, and ride around a virtual city while carrying a cart, then android is a novelty. "Taxi Simulator 2018You should like it.

Version APK: 1.0.0
File Size: 94.01Mb
Developer: ZUUKS GAMES
Android Version: 4.1 and above
Type of License: Free

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