Tiny Little Racing 2 APK
Tiny Little Racing 2
Version: 1.17b What's new: - Fixed bugs with the purchase of C - class
- Application optimization performed
- Repainting bugs fixed
- Improved performance
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Features: the game is fully three-dimensional with the ability to change the type of camera display. At the moment, the developer provides us with 22 detailed zones so far (but in the future it swears to regularly update and add tracks to its application) and twelve vehicles that can be improved with money earned from races (installation of accelerators, wheels, engines, and external tuning) . There are several types of races in the game: free race, career, and so where without time competitions, which have recently become an indispensable component of any car simulators.

Total: If you played micro cars in your childhood, achieved victories on kitchen and billiard tables, then do not miss this wonderful game to plunge into the exciting world of toy sports cars again.

Version APK: 2.01
File Size: 47.4Mb
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

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