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Typical malfunctions and disadvantages of Toyota Avensis 2 with a run
Toyota Avensis 2 - one of the most popular cars of the company Toyota. Despite the fact that this model has a fairly controversial design, the car enjoys a fairly steady demand, as for most car enthusiasts, the exterior is not the most important factor when it comes to buying a used car. One of the biggest advantages of Toyota Avensis 2 in front of competitors is that it very slowly depreciates in the secondary market, as well as the reliability of the main units and excellent driving characteristics.

A bit of history:
In 1997, the famous Toyota Carina E came a new car Toyota Avensis. In comparison with Karina E, the base of the new machine has grown by 50 mm, and the length - by 80 mm. From 1997 to 2002, Avensis was produced in three types of bodywork: a sedan, a station wagon and a liftback, after, there was a sedan and a wagon. In 2000, the model underwent a minor restyling. The second generation of Toyota Avensis was introduced at the end of 2002 at the Bologna motor show (Italy), and the official sales of Avensis 2 started in the first half of 2003. The novelty was designed by the French design studio Toyota and was radically different from its predecessor. In 2006, an updated version of the Toyota Avesis 2 was presented to the public. The car received a more stylish grille, a new front and rear optics, as well as the interior touched. The third generation of Avensis was presented in autumn 2008 at the Paris auto show.

Toyota Avensis 2
To the firmness of the paint and lacquer coating, there are no complaints, and the quality of the bodywork does not raise questions, but only on the condition that the car was not restored after an accident. The main feature of the pre-styling version of the car is that the hood and bumper have different shades, because of this, many mistakenly think that the car was rebuilt after an accident. Most of all the criticism was deserved by the front optics - after 2-3 years of operation, the reflector starts to show up, plus, the optics is prone to fogging. Initially, Toyota Avensis 2 was equipped with three petrol 1.6 (110 hp), 1.8 (129 hp), 2.0 (147 hp) and one diesel engine volume 2.0 (116 hp). In early 2006, the range of powertrains was supplemented with gasoline 2.4 (163 hp) and diesel 2.2 (148 and 175 hp) motors. In most of the CIS countries diesel and gasoline engine 1.6 are not officially supplied and are very rare. If you want to buy diesel Avensis 2, then the most powerful engine (175 hp) is better not to be considered, as it is sensitive to the quality of fuel and in our realities can present many unpleasant surprises. In the rest, this type of motors is quite reliable, but after 200,000 km on many instances, the cleaning of the valve is required EGR and the geometry of the turbine. The engine 2.2 sinned with a small resource of the cylinder head gasket, in addition, on the copies before the 2007 release there were problems with the catalyst (tubes are clogged), after, the problem was eliminated. Also, every 100-150 thousand km requires replacement - thermostat, pump and starter (wear brushes). Among the petrol engines, the power unit with a volume of 1.8 has proved to be the most capricious one. The most common problem with this engine is a large oil consumption (up to 1 liter per 100 km), this is due to design errors in the development of the piston group of the power unit (after 2005, the defect was eliminated). Also, the common features of this unit include increased noise and vibration during engine operation. In some cases, the cushions of the engine are the culprits of the vibrations, but the main cause of this ailment is insufficient oil drainage and inefficient cooling of the pistons. As a result, the oil-removal rings lose their mobility in the piston groove. To eliminate these drawbacks, replacement of pistons and rings (about 600 USD.). Another trouble that can happen with this engine, it's a teaser of crank liners. The signal about the presence of the problem will be a rattling from the motor area under load and at speeds above 2500 rpm. If, during engine operation, a diesel roar is heard, most likely, a replacement of the belt tensioner of the attachments (wear plastic sleeves).
Toyota Avensis 2
The motor 2.0 is reliable enough, but it is exacting to the quality of the fuel. The most serious damage that can occur to it is the extraction of the threads of the cylinder head bolts. The given problem is fraught with leaks of a cooling liquid, an engine overheat and other troubles (repair will cost 1000 cu.). Another surprise that this engine can present is the leakage of fuel from under the O-ring of the fuel pressure sensor. Signal of the presence of the disease will be the emerging smell of gasoline in the cabin when you turn on the air ventilation system. The most reliable motor 2.4 has proved itself, but, there is a slight defect in it, nevertheless, there is an increased oil consumption (150-200 ml per 1000 km). On cars with a mileage of more than 250,000 km, the consumption may be up to 3 liters per 10,000 km.
Toyota Avensis 2 was equipped with two types of gearboxes - 5 stucco mechanics, as well as four- and five-stage printing Automatic transmission. The weakest point of the transmission is the mechanics, or rather the bearings of the primary and secondary shaft, their life, in most cases, does not exceed 100,000 km. When the first symptoms of an illness appear (there is a rumble at a speed of over 70 km / h) you need to immediately call the service and fix the problem, because the consequences can be very sad (jamming box at speed). Also, owners of cars with a mileage of more than 150,000 km mark a fuzzy inclusion of gears. To advantages of the given transmission it is possible to carry the big resource of coupling, more than 150000 km. Automatic transmission is more reliable than mechanics and with timely maintenance (every 60-80 thousand km), as a rule, does not cause serious problems up to 300,000 km. The Toyota Avensis suspension is considered not only the most comfortable in the segment "D", But also the most reliable in this class. Even if the car is operated in a region with poor road surface, it is often not necessary to invest in repairs of this unit. Stands and bushings of the front stabilizer are most susceptible to wear, but even in this case, their life is on average 30-50 thousand km (front), 80-100 thousand km (rear). Front shock absorbers and steering fins serve about 100-120 thousand km. Spherical and support bearings, ball bearings and silent blocks are capable of serving up to 150,000 km, levers and rear shock absorbers serve up to 200,000 km. In Toyota Avensis 2, two types of steering rackwith electric booster and hydrotreater). Both rails are quite problematic and may require repair after 50,000 km of run. Malfunctions in the rake with an electric booster are shown by clicks and a crunch when turning the rudder (wear of the worm gear). To eliminate the drawback, it is necessary to shift the gear to an angle of more than 90 degrees or replace it with a new one. In a power rail, after 100,000 km, there is a knock when driving on a rough road (wear plastic slats). Repairing the rail does not make any sense, since this will not give the desired result (After 5-10 thousand km, the rake will again knock), but it is better to change immediately (replacement will cost 900 cu.). Therefore, choosing a second-hand copy, carefully check the rail, and if it has even the slightest play, ask for a discount or look for another copy. Toyota Avensis 2 salon is made of quality materials and does not irritate the driver and passengers with extraneous squeaks and knocks. The only thing that slightly lubricates the positive impression of the interior - the creaking of the driver's seat and the rapid wear of the leather upholstery of the front seats. And, here, with reliability of an electric equipment of interior not all so is unequivocal. The most common ailment is the failure of the fan motor (replacement of brushes is required). Also, there are comments on the operability of the actuators of the dampers (improperly distributed air flows). On cars with a mileage of more than 150,000 km, the failure of an air conditioning compressordue to the leakage of the freon, the compressor is jammed and the pulley damper plate breaks). It is not uncommon for an on-board computer to stop displaying information on the display, this is due to a failure of the resistors. If the indicators on the dashboard simultaneously light up ABS, TRC OFF and VSC, this may indicate a lack of battery power.
Toyota Avensis 2
Toyota Avensis 2 comfortable and reliable enough car, but, in due course, some design miscalculations make themselves felt and can substantially hit your pocket. The best option for buying is considered a post-restyling version with a 2.4-liter petrol engine paired with automatic transmission.
  • High-quality paint and varnish coating.
  • Comfortable and durable suspension.
  • High quality of assembly and finishing materials.

  • Short-lived mechanical transmission.
  • After 100,000 km there are failures in the electrical equipment of the passenger compartment.
  • High cost of repair and maintenance.

After our review, you know about the problems with Toyota Avensis 2
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