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Elegant japanese middle class: the faults of Toyota Avensis 3 with a run
Toyota Avensis 3 - the third generation of the popular car of the Japanese manufacturer, which is radically different from its predecessors. If Avensis of the second generation had a correct, but not very remarkable design, then this generation is its exact opposite: it looks more expressive and modern. But, even such bold changes in design did not make Avensis 3 the leader in sales in the segment "D". Despite this, there are many offers on the secondary market for the sale of second-hand Toyota Avensis 3, therefore, today we will try to find out what surprises you need to be prepared by buying this car with mileage.

A bit of history:
First generation Toyota Avensis was produced from 1998 to 2003, for this time the car once was susceptible to restyling (in 2000). In the year 2003 at the plant in Britain, the first Avensis of the second generation, whose production continued to 2009. The car was designed by the French design studio and was produced in three types of bodies - a sedan, a hatchback and a station wagon (Avensis Estate). Toyota Avensis 3 was introduced in 2008 at the international auto show in Paris, and in 2009 the car was serialized. The main task of designers and engineers, when developing a car, was not only to change the design, but also to significantly improve driving characteristics and comfort.
The exterior of the novelty was significantly different from previous versions of the model, the car began to look more concise. Design Avensis 3 is developed in the European design center of Toyota, and is more focused on the European market. AT 2012 the car has undergone restyling. The main changes touched the salon: the quality of finishing materials and noise insulation improved, the profile of the front seats and the design of the instrument panel changed, and the list of available options was expanded.
In 2015, the second update of the car, as a result of which the design has changed slightly. Also, modern electronic technologies (navigation system with 3D image, automatic emergency braking, tire pressure monitoring system and much more). Although Toyota Avensis 3 is sold in 150 countries, it is produced only in Japan and Great Britain. But the Japanese themselves prefer the European version, therefore, some of the cars produced in Europe are sent to Japan. The main competitors of this model are Honda Accord 8 and Mazda 6.

Toyota Avensis 3
Like most Japanese cars, the paintwork Toyota Avensis 3 A gentle, as a result, chips and scratches appear on the body very quickly. But, thanks to a good anti-corrosion treatment, the metal is resistant to the onslaught of the red disease. One of the drawbacks of the body is its poor stiffness, because of which, in most cases, when driving on a rough road there are creaks. Officially in the CIS for Toyota Avensis there is a small choice of power units consisting only of petrol versions - 1.6 (132 hp), 1.8 (147 hp) and 2.0 (152 hp). Occasionally, in the secondary market there are also versions with diesel engines - 2.0 (126 hp) and 2.2 (150 and 177 hp), as a rule, such cars to us are imported from Europe, and their choice should be justified. The fact is that diesel engines have a low fuel consumption (an average of 5.5 liters per hundred) and very popular with people who travel a lot. In this regard, quite often, cars aged 4-5 years have runs around 250-300 thousand km, and we resell them with a run 80-120 thousand km. If we talk about the reliability of diesel engines, then, in general, they do not deliver special problems (up to 250000 km), but only on the condition that the car is refueled only with high-quality fuel. I very rarely bother to drive petrol engines to my owners. Of the shortcomings that are inherent in these power units, you can only highlight a couple of nuances. Foul start with the arrival of cold weather (retractor starter relay freezes). Also, in most instances, the cooling system pump often fails (approximately once in 50,000 km). At first glance, the problem is minor, but most Toyota Avensis 3 owners rarely look under the hood, and do not notice when the pump starts to leak, over time, this leads to significant leaks in the antifreeze, overheating of the car and burn-out of the cylinder block gasket. All petrol engines are equipped with a chain drive Timing, This node is quite reliable and does not cause any problems 200-250 thousand km.Of the features of the maintenance of gasoline engines, it is worth noting that the manufacturer recommends the use of very low viscosity oil 0W-20, which you are unlikely to find on the market or in an ordinary auto parts store. If you use an oil of higher viscosity, this can adversely affect the reliability and life of the motor. The system of distributed injection allows without negative consequences to equip the car with HBO. However, the engines Toyota Avensis 3 are exacting to the accuracy of the metering of fuel, therefore, the best option is the installation of equipment HBO with sequential injection.

Toyota Avensis 3
Officially in the CIS Toyota Avensis 3 was delivered with a six-speed manual gearbox or with a variator CVT (dmachine tools or automatic transmissions). Operational experience has shown that the transmission is not a strong car seat and has a number of shortcomings. The disadvantages of mechanics include increased noise, especially in the first transmission (after restyling, this deficiency was eliminated). Many proprietors call fuzzy switching gears, the reason for this feature is the unsuccessful design of the squeeze bearing. Also, the mechanic is demanding for timely maintenance, and if you neglect these requirements, then after 150000 km you may need a major overhaul of the box. Where things are worse with the variator. This type of transmission is afraid of heavy loads and slips, plus, has a small resource (120-170 thousand km, depending on operating conditions and quality of service). If the variator fails, for its replacement it will be necessary to give almost half of the cost of a used car (about 3000 USD.). You can try to restore it in the garage SRT (from 1000 USD), but, as far as the boxes after such repairs are enough - it's hard to say. Toyota Avensis 3 there is a platform with an independent suspension: in front there are racks of the type McPherson, Back - longitudinal beam with double wishbones. Many owners praise the running Avensis 3 for performance and reliability, of course, there are weaknesses, but, in general, the running of this car has a good resource. So, for example, ball bearings and wheel bearings go 100-120 thousand km. Shock absorbers, bearing bearings and silent blocks can, under careful operation, 150000 km. But, on the reliability of steering control gripes are, even on a small run in the steering rack there are knocks (wear of bushes). Also, the cause of the knock can be the wear of the splined joint (replacement of the steering column is required, the problem is repeated after 50-60 thousand km of run). Also, the source of foreign knocking can serve as a brake caliper, to eliminate the lack of disassembly and lubrication guides. Unfortunately, neither the roominess nor the quality of the finishing materials Toyota Avensis 3 salon can not boast. Also, the design of the front panel and the level of noise insulation are not encouraging. The disadvantages of the salon can be attributed and insufficiently comfortable front seats, they are very small, because of this, a large person will not be able to sit comfortably in them. As for the reliability of electrical equipment, there are a couple of points here: after 100000 km there may be malfunctions in the air circulation system in the passenger compartment. Also, the airbag malfunction indicator may automatically trigger, after the diagnosis it turned out that the cushions are in order.
Toyota Avensis 3
If you are a calm and balanced person and, besides, you have a family, then Toyota Avensis 3 You will like it very much. This car can be described in three words - calm, comfortable and, most importantly, reliable. If you want yourself a more sporty and dynamic car, then better take a closer look Honda Accord 8.
  • Attractive design.
  • Comfortable and reliable suspension.
  • Low cost of content.

  • Gentle paint and varnish.
  • A small resource variator.
  • The quality of the finishing materials does not correspond to the class of the car.

After our review, you know about the problems with Toyota Avensis 3
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