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Is it so good Kruzak: the faults of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 with a run
Toyota Land Cruiser 200 - one of the most successful SUVs in the world, its popularity is so great that legends are about it. Land Cruiser has long ceased to be just a car, for many it's status and image. Depending on the generation of the Cruiser, you can roughly describe who its owner is and what it does. Due to the fact that the new two-hundredth Kruzak can be afforded only by well-off people, many fans of the legendary SUV, in order to realize their dream, are forced to buy Land Cruiser 200 with a run, but what you need to pay attention to not be disappointed in the legend, you will learn from of this article.

A bit of history:
History of the model Toyota Land Cruiser has more than 60 years. Land Cruiser 200 is the ninth generation of the legendary frame full-size SUV. The car debut took place in late 2007 and continues to be released to this day. The Cruzer 200 is built on the same platform as the "Lexus LX 570", The design is also partially borrowed from this model, but the frame is borrowed from the second generation of the model"Toyota Tundra". For the Land Cruiser, it was partially shortened, while its rigidity was increased by 20%. In 2002, a five-year program was launched to develop the Land Cruiser 200, prototype tests continued from 2004 to 2007. Compared with previous versions of Land Cruiser, the roof racks were significantly strengthened, which allowed to significantly increase safety when turning the car. In 2012, the car went through a restyling, during which the front optics (including LED stripes of daytime running lights), rear and front bumper, radiator grille were changed. In 2013, a new 4.6-liter (309 hp) engine was added, the feature of this engine is that it has an aluminum block, direct injection, phase shifters, and also has a variable-length intake manifold. Some options, such as the engine start button, navigation system, rear-view camera and seat heating in the entire cabin, are included in the basic configuration.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200When using the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 in our latitudes, over time, some troubles of a purely aesthetic nature may appear. So, in particular, there are chips and scratches on the paint and varnish, and the chrome elements quickly lose their original appearance. If the car is used in a metropolis, where roads are abundantly sprinkled with reagents, you need to monitor the state of the frame, especially behind the place where Vin is located car number. To the frame does not rust, it should be treated every three years with anti-corrosion. Quite often, the tailgate of the tailgate lock breaks down. The Toyota Land Land Cruiser 200 is equipped with petrol engines 4.0 (243 hp), 4.5 (265 hp), 4.6 (309, 319 hp), 4.7 (288 l) .s.), 5.7 (381 hp) and diesel 4.5 (235, 272 and 288 hp). The greatest popularity among motorists is enjoyed by the diesel engine 4.5, much less often there is a car with a petrol 4.6. Motor 5.7 is found only on cars imported from the United States, and 4.0 - from the Emirates. As the experience of operation has shown, the turbodiesel motor is quite reliable, but there are still some minor complaints about it. So, on cars produced from 2008 to 2010, on the run of 100,000 km and above, the oil consumption increased significantly, depending on the mileage, the consumption is 200-500 grams per 1000 km. It would seem that the expense is not that big, but the problem is that this engine has a normal burn rate of 200 grams per 10000 km. The reason for the increased oil appetite of the engine lies in the malfunction of the brake servo vacuum pump. With this malfunction, the pump pumps air into the crankcase of the engine, because of this, the internal pressure increases, which also contributes to the increased oil consumption, including through the tubing. Replacement of the vacuum pump will cost 600 cu. Due to the poor quality of diesel fuel, owners often have to change the fuel filter, it's good, the new filter is inexpensive - 30-50 cu. The common problem of both diesel and gasoline engines is the leakage of the cooling system pump, which starts after 80-100 thousand km of run. The cost of the original new pump is about 200 cu, for the non-original, about 100 cu are requested. If this problem is not rectified in time, there is a high probability of overheating of the engine, which leads to an expensive repair of the power unit.
Toyota Land Cruiser 200
Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is equipped with only an automatic six-speed gearbox. This transmission is very reliable, but some shortcomings during operation were revealed. So, in particular, on a run of more than 100,000 km, owners face jerks and jerks when shifting gears. The reason for the bite of the propeller shafts, if the owner paid attention to this shortcoming in time, then to solve it, it was enough to prick the cardan, if that did not help, the cardan had to be changed. The Taioty Land Land Cruiser 200 is made of high-quality materials, but because of sufficiently high-quality assembly, crickets in it, nevertheless, appear. Most often, bother with extraneous sounds glove compartment, headrests, rear seats and trunk. After 100,000 km begins to whistle the motor of the stove, this is due to the fact that it wears the bushings, the new motor will cost 300 cu.
Toyota Land Cruiser 200
Suspension - one of the strong features of this car, in front it is independent, on two parallel levers on each side, behind - a continuous bridge with a rod of Panara. Front and rear mounted controllable anti-roll bars, equipped with hydraulic cylinders. When driving off-road, the stabilizers become softer, as a result, the patency is improved, and on the flat road - all the way around, which contributes to better handling and stability. The main elements of the suspension have a rather large resource - about 200,000. From the weak points, it is possible to distinguish pillars and bushings of the rear stabilizer, serve on average 60-80 thousand km and the front wheel bearings - up to 100,000 km.
One of the few weaknesses of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is steering, the knocking in the steering can start on the run and at 40,000 km, in such cases the dealers change the steering column entirely. Traditionally for this model, the braking system requires special attention; at each maintenance, it is necessary to lubricate the support, otherwise they will start to turn sour. Also, you need to monitor the condition of the anthers of the pistons of the calipers, since they are very often broken. Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is a car for all occasions. The greatest advantage of this car is its reliability, and if you are looking for a car that you rarely need to repair, the 200th Cruiser is exactly what you need. Another plus of this car is that it slowly depreciates in the secondary market. Most importantly, before buying this car, be sure to check it on all possible bases for hijacking, since this model is considered one of the leaders in stealing.
  • Design.
  • Dynamics of overclocking.
  • Off-road characteristics.
  • Comfortable suspension.
  • Spacious salon.

  • Fuel consumption.
  • Rocking the body while maneuvering at speed.
  • Quality of plastic in the cabin.

After our review, you know about the problems with Toyota Land Cruiser 200
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