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"Mal, yes, delete": disadvantages of Toyota Yaris 2 with a run
Toyota Yaris 2 - Subcompact car produced by the Japanese concern Toyota. The name of the car - Yaris (Yaris) is derived from the word Charis, Charity - the ancient Greek goddess of fun and joy. This model is well known among domestic motorists, but here is information about its reliability on the Internet is not so much. Therefore, today especially for those who look after this car for purchase in the second hands, I will tell about the most common ailments of this model.

A bit of history:Origin of the prototype Toyota Yaris began in 1995, this year the Toyota company decided to develop a completely new subcompact car to replace the outdated model of "Starlet". Designing the novelty commissioned the European Design Center of Toyota (EPOC, Europe Office of Creation), located in Brussels. The main task that was put before him was to create a compact, but spacious and comfortable car. Toyota Yaris first generation debuted at the end of 1998 at the auto show in Paris. And already in early 1999, Japan sold the first serial copy (in the domestic market of Japan was called Vitz). The novelty had considerable success, breaking the prejudices of many opponents of compact cars. During the production (until 2005), this model received a large number of positive reviews from car critics and was repeatedly recognized as the best compact car in Japan and Europe. Toyotas Yaris 2 debuted in Japan in 2005, in the European market the novelty appeared in 2006. In the same year in the US, Canada and Australia started sales of cars in a sedan (he is Belta, aka Vios). The design of the car was developed by the European studio of Toyota in Nice (Europe Design Development). Unlike its predecessor, the novelty has become larger in all dimensions: higher, wider and longer. In 2007, the sport version of Yaris SR equipped with a 1.8-liter power unit entered the market, this car was available only in the European market. In the summer of 2007, Toyota Yaris 2 was restyled, but despite this, the updated version of the car appeared in Europe only in early 2009. The main differences from the pre-styling version were new headlights with an enlarged reflector area, the front and rear bumpers, the grille and rear optics changed, the interior and the powertrains line were also refined. In 2010, the third generation Toyota Yaris, in Europe, was premiered at the auto show in Japan a novelty was presented at the end of 2011. The novelty was created on its own platform, despite this, it has many similarities with its predecessor. The highlight of this generation is the multimedia screen, which replaced the traditional instrument panel. It displays the readings of the speedometer, tachometer, odometer and other instruments. Auto is sold in the markets of Europe, North America, Australia and the CIS. In Russia Toyota Yaris of the third generation is not officially supplied.

Toyota Yaris 2
Weak points Toyota Yaris 2 with a runThe paintwork is quite soft, because of this, chips and scratches on the body of the machine appear even from a slight mechanical contact (the front bumper, hood and thresholds suffer most). For the same reason, in the places of contacts of paint with plastic elements (at the junctions of bumpers and bodywork) and door seals, the paint is erased to metal. The problem is solved by pasting the problem spots of the protective film. As for the corrosion resistance of the body, everything depends on the year of production of the car. In cars manufactured before 2009, the body has good corrosion protection, so problems arise only after a poor recovery after an accident. But the owners of post-restyling cars often complain about the appearance of "red-haired" on the hood and thresholds. Corrosion and exhaust system. In any case, the bodywork diagnostics should be given special attention, since very often the first car owners have honed their driving skills on it. The dipped-beam lamps are not reliable, they burn out relatively quickly. The problem, it would seem, is trivial, but it will not be easy to eliminate it. It is especially difficult to replace the right lamp. The standard optics of the head light is weak enough, because of this to make out the road, when it's dark and it's raining heavily.PowertrainsFor Toyota Yaris 2 the following powertrains were available: petrol - 1.0 (69 hp), 1.3 (86, 100 hp), 1.5 (106 hp) and 1.8 (133 hp); diesel - 1.4 (90 hp). The most common in the CIS was a gasoline engine 2NZ-FE volume of 1.3 liters. By design, this engine is an exact copy of the power unit 1NZ volume 1.5, which was installed on the car in the sedan. Of the common ailments of these motors, we can note the following: Increased oil consumption, this problem appears after 150000 km of run. To eliminate the ailment it is necessary to do the excavation, if this does not help, you will have to change the oil-removal rings. Increased engine noise. This problem appears on the run of 150-200 thousand km, as a result of stretching the timing chain. It is necessary to replace the timing chain, its tensioner and soot. Unstable operation of the engine (float idling at idle speed). The problem occurs as a result of a sensor / idle valve failure, the same symptoms appear when the throttle is heavily contaminated. The squeak (squeak) during acceleration. Increased noise usually occurs when the poly V-belt is heavily worn. Increased vibration of the power unit. Most often, the cause of this drawback is the wear of engine mounts, and the cause of increased vibration is often served by faulty fuel injectors and a clogged fuel filter. The oil pressure switch has a limited service life, and the indicator (oiler) on the instrument panel will notify its malfunction. Also not known for reliability and the rear crankshaft oil seal - it can start to leak even with a small mileage. The pump after 80-100 thousand km loses its tightness and begins to flow. The biggest problem with these engines is the non-repairability of the cylinder block, so, after 200-250 thousand km, it will most likely have to be changed to contract. Extend the engine life by using the manufacturer's recommended lubricants. Similar problems have a liter power unit. The most powerful engine 1.8 (2ZR) was widely used on such eminent models as Toyota Avensis and Toyota Corolla. The engine is reliable, but, a couple of shortcomings yet, here is. The most common - unstable idling, appears as a result of the failure of the throttle position sensor and the pollution of the throttle itself (it is treated by rinsing). On the auto of the first years of release there is a problem with the increased oil consumption, which often succeeds in eliminating oil viscosity of 0W-30, 5W-30, instead of the recommended 0W-20, 5W-20. If the car has a large mileage, before buying, you need to check the compression. At low speeds, unexpected noise can suddenly appear from the engine compartment, as a rule, the timing chain tensioner is the culprit. In addition, the generator drive belt can whistle (whistle). The pump resource often does not exceed 60-70 thousand km. Also, to the weak points can be attributed and thermostat. If the motor fails, the motor refuses to warm up to the operating temperature. In time, the VVTi valve may begin to wipe, followed by a car's stupidity and loss of power.
The diesel engine as a whole is reliable, but due to the fact that in Europe such cars were used in corporate parks, the mileage of such cars is very large. Diesel from private hands - a very rare phenomenon. Most often, owners of cars equipped with diesel engines face an early failure of fuel injectors. In the presence of problems with fuel equipment there are difficulties with the launch, as well as the ailment may be accompanied by uneven operation of the diesel engine or a sharp drop in power. Fortunately, the injectors are amenable to recovery, which will significantly reduce the cost of repairs.
Toyota Yaris 2
TransmissionToyota Yaris 2 - front-wheel drive car, which was equipped with a five-speed mechanics, a proprietary robotic MMT transmission (Multimode manual transmission) with the possibility of manual switching and a classic four-speed "automatic" (mainly installed on sedans). Operational experience has shown that all types of transmissions with reliable operation are reliable enough, but a couple of shortcomings in them yet, there is. The robotized box is very slow in automatic mode - pauses in a couple of seconds when switches are removed and unnerving, especially if you need to accelerate. In the event of a breakdown (it may break down after 50,000 km), repairs will not be cheap, an average of $ 1,000 is requested for the restoration of the box. On the run of 100-150 thousand km there is a high probability of failure of the MMT transmission control unit. If there is a problem, the transmission will only work in emergency mode. To prolong the life of the robotic transmission during short-term stops (in traffic jams, traffic lights), one must remember to turn on neutral transmission. In the mechanics, every 100-130 thousand km is to replace the clutch. On some copies, owners note the emergence of difficulties with the inclusion of a reverse gear.The reliability of the Toyota Yaris 2 suspensionThe chassis is knocked down and works well on rough surfaces on the road surface. Structurally, the suspension is simple: an independent McPherson is in front, and a semi-independent beam is at the back. Due to the low weight of the car, even on our roads, the suspension does not often require capital investment. Most often, rack and bushings of the stabilizer of lateral stability break down - they change every 50-80 thousand km. Silent leverage blocks and hub bearings in most cases nursed more than 100,000 km, shock absorbers serve up to 150000 km. Approximately the same number of supporting bearings also live. Repair of the front suspension, as a rule, does not cost cheap, the fact is that the original ball bearings and silent blocks are delivered together with the levers and cost about 200 cu. a piece. If you buy an analog, you can invest in 60 cu. The rear suspension is considered not to be killed - the silent blocks of the rear semi-independent beam can be pleased with a mileage of 200,000 km in case of careful operation. In the steering control, the cross shaft of the steering shaft requires special attention - it can stick, good, the problem is not of a mass character and was found only on cars of the first years of production . Helmsman tips serve 120-150 thousand km, traction - up to 200,000 km, they are assembled with a rod. The braking system is reliable, the only trouble that can await the owner is the souring of the brake cable. The front brake discs should be periodically checked for corrosion. The fact is that in the early stages the problem can be eliminated by cleaning the disk; if you start the disease, the brake performance will deteriorate significantly, and to fix the problem you will have to change the disk.SalonSalon Toyota Yaris 2 produces a double impression, the first emotions are very interesting, modern and most importantly - not boring, but, like most budget cars, disappoints the quality of the finishing materials. The leather braiding of the steering wheel, not only that is unpleasant to the touch, it is also quickly rubbed off, not well-known for good wear resistance and the inscription on the buttons for controlling the electrical equipment of the passenger compartment. Does not stand up to criticism and plastic, on the upper part of the front panel and two glove boxes it is thin and sonorous, besides it is quickly covered with scratches. There are complaints and noise insulation of the cabin - at the speed of breaking through the sounds from under the wheel arches, there is also a feeling that the hum of the engine comes from the instrument panel. As for the reliability of electrical equipment, as a rule, there are no complaints about it.
Toyota Yaris. Salon
Toyota Yaris 2 can safely be called a successful model: cute design, spacious interior, good driving characteristics. If we talk about its reliability, then even the car with a decent run of problematic places is not so much, only from buying a car with a "robot" is better to refuse. In principle, if you find a "live" copy of the imputed price, it will be an excellent option for buying!
  • Economical.
  • Spacious salon.
  • Maneuverability.

  • Small ground clearance (120 mm).
  • High cost of original spare parts running.
  • Unreliability of the robotic transmission.
If you are the owner of this model of the car, please describe the problems that you had to face during the operation of the car. Perhaps, it is your feedback that will help readers of our site when choosing a car.
Yours faithfully, edition
After our review, you know about the problems with Toyota Yaris 2
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