Traffic: Illegal & Fast Highway Racing 5 APK
Traffic: Illegal & Fast Highway Racing 5A lively highway filled with lazily stretching cars is perceived by professional arcade racers. Traffic: Illegal & Fast Highway Racing 5, As an ideal platform for testing individual driving skills, you can easily maneuver between tight streams of cars, and fly at extreme speed along the oncoming lane by gaining points for the leaderboard on the android. And although the prizes for the skill shown on the track are practically not given (only small cash rewards based on risk), the number of participants is growing every day - so users, for example, were also invited to try unusual entertainment, do you agree? The arcade begins Traffic: Illegal & Fast Highway Racing 5 from a small workshop where they are allowed to deal with some starting rules, and at the same time make several settings:

1. Car. On the iron horse depends, in general, not too much - and at the wheel of a powerful sports car, and on the old wreck the chance to crash into a car about the same moving in the opposite lane. But because users should hone their skills, learn interesting techniques of scoring and endlessly bump on the starting partner, and only after at least some results think about new purchases and improvements. By the way, the choice - in the garage there are a huge number of cars, and even more various upgrades - you can change the wheels and colors (even special stickers are available), and even replace parts in the engine, brake system.

2. Mechanics. Driving along the highway exclusively forward and maneuvering between the car flows can be boring after five minutes, and therefore the developers at ThunderBull Entertainment have come up with additional modes and special life-difficult settings. First, you can turn off or activate the oncoming lane, secondly, add time limiters or go to special daily tests, where interesting rewards are given for points earned. In addition to the racing rules, they are allowed to choose the scenery - deserts, lively cities, a blizzard with zero visibility ...

Of the additional advantages of free arcade Traffic: Illegal & Fast Highway Racing 5 for android - amazing graphics, even crashes are depicted in indescribably beautiful and memorable way, do not miss!

Version APK: 1.91
File Size: 39.46Mb
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

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Traffic: Illegal & Fast Highway Racing 5 Download for Free APK File (39.46 Mb)

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