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Trials frontierIt's no secret that before the advent of android smartphones, gamers, on simple mobile phones, such a game as "Gravity Defied” enjoyed considerable popularity, in which it was suggested, taking control of a desperate motorcyclist, to try to overcome with it the way from start to finish, jumping through the pits, and keeping balance while jumping. Many modern programmers tried to create something similar for the android platform, but none of these attempts were unsuccessful. Perhaps this was the end of it, if only the professionals from Ubisoft Entertainment, who actually created the game in the face of the game, didn’t take it.Trials frontier", a real masterpiece, with excellent graphics, plenty of features, and most importantly, with multiplayer gameplay.

The game starts "Trials frontier", from several training levels, after which, during the next arrival, the protagonist falls under a landslide, and only miraculously remains alive. Residents of one of the nearest towns find him unconscious, and leaving, give him an old motorcycle, instead of a broken one, which they sold for spare parts. After a bit of a saddling, the main character goes out into the street and gets to know the city. In this case, it consists of only two or three buildings: a garage, a saloon, a dwelling, a shop, and a bunker. purchased to put new ones in. In the saloon, there is a map with different missions for passing. The dwelling is necessary for players to store personal belongings and clothes, well, the bunker is an arena for multiplayer competitions.

Management in android game "Trials frontier", implemented in the same way as in Gravity Defied. On the right side of the screen there are two arrows responsible for gas and brake, and on the left side, the buttons allow you to keep balance. As you can see, absolutely nothing is complicated. By the way, a little Do not forget to say, in this free project there is absolutely no advertising, and donat is not too intrusive.

Version APK: 6.1.0
File Size: 26.3Mb
Android Version: 4.1 and above
Type of License: Free

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