Truck Simulator 2014 APK
Truck Simulator 2014As usual in similar toys you will start with the most unattractive and cheapest tractor (there are seven world brands, and more than twenty cars), and with a bag sufficient for only a few dozen gallons of fuel. Next, pick up a suitable order on the base, you must deliver it to its destination in integrity. By the way, you choose your own route, so expect a reserve of gasoline until the next refueling. As for the control, it is more or less acceptable, implemented with the help of an accelerometer and additional buttons on the screen (two turn signals, gas, brake, lights, a signal, and a map). Just to facilitate the gameplay, the developers have provided players with the ability to change the angle of view (360 degrees), or umostitsya in a realistic cab of their truck. Therefore, do not hesitate, keep your steering wheel tighter, and go ahead while at the traffic lights the green light is on.

Version APK: 3.0
File Size: 9.1Mb
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

Download Truck Simulator 2014 (3.0) .APK Free

Truck Simulator 2014 Download for Free APK File (9,1 Mb)

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