Truck Simulator: City APK
Truck Simulator: CityIf you are an ardent fan of car simulators and arcade business strategies, then you probably having a personal computer played a game like "Truckers” from the company "Buka Entertainment”. So, in that project, if you suddenly do not know, it was necessary to have a simple truck to try to carry out private orders to earn as much money as possible, and not only to get a decent transport, but also to open your own office. No, of course we do not want to say that the game Truck Simulator: City This is an exact copy of "Truckers", but still they are very similar to each other..

In general, if this topic is close to you as no one else, then get ready to drive your virtual truck (currently there are more than seven of them in the game), and start driving around the city streets in search of orders. By the way, this project, unlike other similar games, differs not only by expressive three-dimensional graphics, but also by the ability to change the camera display (more than three positions), refuel at gas stations in the event of a shortage of gasoline, and also decide which orders to take, and which ones should refuse.

Version APK: 1.4
File Size: 44.2Mb
Developer: WANDA
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

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