TurboFly HD APK
TurboFly HDAt first it may seem that the graphic performance is a bit poor, and corresponds to the games of two years ago. But this is only the beginning. When you proceed directly to the competition, you will understand that at such speeds the background moves to the second place, and its abundant diversity would simply have rippled in the eyes. Now about the control, it is performed exclusively through the accelerometer, and the touch button on the right side of the screen for firing. Yes, you heard right, you can shoot in these races, but only if you manage to pick up scattered weapon bonuses on the tracks before your competitors do. Therefore, try as often as possible to fly on your plane over the accelerators, they will increase the speed almost twice, but alas for a few seconds. As a result, we have a new 3D shooter race, 8 speed tracks, 3 game modes, and a career with a lot of events..

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File Size: 18.76Mb
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

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