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Disadvantages of UAZ Patriot with a run
In the people, Oise Patriot is called the king of fields and impassability, the best friend of a fisherman and hunter. About this car, motorists have a very different opinion, many do not like it and consider it extremely unreliable, but there are also those who prove that there is simply no alternative to this car in our market, because foreign cars will be very old for this money. So what to expect from the Oise Patriot with a run, now and try to figure it out.

A bit of history:
The basis for creating Oaz Patriot served as a model of "Oise Simbir", originally, it was called "Uaz 3150", then, having undergone significant changes, "Uaz 31622". Experimental models of the car were presented in 2003, the Patriot issue began in 2005. This is a full-size SUV with excellent body proportions and a large cabin. From his predecessor, the Patriot inherited a chassis, a frame body, an engine with a plug-in all-wheel drive. Later, he underwent even more improvements and changes, both internal and external. In the Oaz Patriot 2006 release there appeared an improved starter and generator, the pedals and the upholstery of the seats changed. Also, began to install imported components - gearbox, instrument panel and electrical equipment. In addition, foreign power units, pistons, clutches and gaskets are used here. In 2014, the car acquired new headlights with daytime running lights, radiator grilles, exterior mirrors, large fog lights, an additional stop signal, new side steps and a spare wheel container.

UAZ Patriot
Until 2015, the Patriot had big problems with the quality of paint and varnish, after, the situation has changed significantly for the better. When buying a car older than three years, pay special attention to the boot lid, racks and door edges, thresholds. Also, if you see a crack of paint on the body, it must be urgently treated with an anticorrosive agent and painted over. The car is equipped with the following types of engines: petrol 2.7 (128 hp), diesel, 2.2, Iveco and 2.3, ZMZ . The diesel engine from Iveco is very reliable, but it was not installed for long, probably because the cars with such a motor were much more expensive. Later there was a diesel engine 2.3, which, unfortunately, can not be called successful. It is quite sensitive to the quality of fuel and it does not go very long, there are also problems with the availability of spare parts. The weakest places in this motor are the turbine and the vacuum pump. If the pump is not replaced in time, its fractions can get into the motor, therefore, it is not necessary to tighten it with repair. The petrol engine 2.7, with index 409, is installed on this car for a long time, and the changes that occurred with it are connected solely with environmental characteristics of this motor (lambda probes and catalyst were added). As for the user characteristics, for users this is fraught with the complication of maintenance of the power unit and the rise in the cost of its repair. It is worth noting that after the modifications the motor became more sensitive to the quality of the fuel. Since 2010, each cylinder has been installed individual ignition coil.Later later appeared a single-row timing chain, and as experience has shown, this innovation produced a negative result. The fact is that the resource of the chain could not withstand any criticism, the chain could be cut off already by 30-40 thousand km of run. Fortunately, such cliffs do not lead to fatal consequences (when the piston breaks, do not bend the valve). However, after this, the car becomes real estate, which is important for many owners of the "Patriots" who leave deep into the forest. After unpleasant incidents, most owners changed the chain to double-row, and from 2014 the manufacturer began to install a better chain.
UAZ Patriot
Patriots that were released before 2013, suffered from engine overheating, this is due to the banal miscalculation when developing a cooling system. To solve the problem, many owners installed additional cooling fans. Oaz Patriot can be safely filled with gasoline AI-92, it is worth noting that the fuel consumption is very high, from 15 to 20 liters per 100 kilometers. This power unit has a resource of 500,000 km and for its long life it is necessary to change the oil no less than once per 10000 km.
On the Oaz Patriot, only a five-speed manual transmission is installed. The machine is constantly promised, but while the automatic transmission is not installed on cars. In general, the mechanics are reliable enough, but minor deficiencies, however, have been identified. So, in particular, the owners are called for the leakage of the secondary shaft seals. The complexity of this problem lies in the fact that the stuffing box changes with the bearing, to replace which you need to disassemble the entire box. Also not known for its reliability and grip (overheats in traffic jams, tight pedals, can not completely turn off). The problem for a long time will help to solve the installation of the clutch from the Gazelle with the motor "Cummins". To prolong the life of the transmission, change the oil in it every 30-40 thousand km. In-road characteristics deserve only the highest estimate: the frame structure of the body, two continuous axles, a rigidly connected front axle and a downshift allow you to get out practically from any swamp. But do not forget about the folk wisdom "The cooler the SUV, the farther behind the tractor." Until 2012, the same distribution was installed on the machine as on Gas 69, which is well known under the name "Kozlik". In the distribution, as in the box, you need to change the oil every 30-40 thousand km. After 2014, the Patriot began to install a distribution of Korean production (the same is established on Kia Sorento). This unit has the following drawbacks - the chain is stretched, the stuffing box is flowing. A spring suspension with a continuous bridge on two longitudinal arms and a stabilizer of lateral stability is installed in front. Behind - not killed springs. If to speak in general, the suspension of the Oise Patriot is simple and reliable, the weak point here is the pivot knot, it quickly breaks the liners, as a result, there is a backlash and a knock. Many owners solve the problem by replacing plastic liners with bronze ones. If the car is mainly used in the city, then repair the suspension will not often, somewhere in the 70-90 thousand miles. But if the machine is used for its intended purpose, it is very difficult to predict the resource of the suspension.
UAZ Patriot
Before buying a Uaz Patriot with a run, you need to understand that this is a classic SUV, and is not designed to sit high while driving in a city traffic, but in order to travel where there are no roads. Since the Uaz Patriot has a number of shortcomings and constantly requires modifications, this machine is more suitable for those who have at least a little understanding of the structure of the car and likes picking in the garage.
  • Passage.
  • Repairability.
  • Affordable prices for repairs.
  • Infinite opportunities for improvement and tuning.

  • Quality of paint and varnish coating.
  • The car body is not protected from corrosion.
  • Soundproofing.
  • High fuel consumption.

After our review, you know about the problems with UAZ Patriot
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