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Vertigo racingStudio Deep Byte Studios SRL presents to your attention its new project for the Android operating system - "Vertigo racing". The presented mobile game is the second for these developers. She is a typical representative of the racing genre and has a high average score. The main feature of the project is simplicity, the presence of a visual retro style..

After launching the free racing simulatorVertigo racing", The user is immediately transferred to the first location. This is a rather narrow road, the cuts of which are stones and low grass. After the green cover break. Your main goal is to drive the maximum distance, but it’s quite difficult to complete the task. The car requires gasoline, cans with him are on location. However, they are located at a rather large distance from each other. Therefore, the user needs to drive as fast as possible in order to have time to refuel the car’s gas tank. Pay attention to the right side of the screen of the mobile device. There is a scale of strength of the car. When it reaches zero - you lose. It only takes a couple of times to crash into the stones on the side of the road to completely destroy the car. Also, each accident significantly slows down the speed of movement..

After arrival, the user is charged a special game currency. With it, you can improve the characteristics of the car (speed, health, power, handling). Having accumulated a rather large amount, you can buy a new car. It should be noted that all the added fleet is classic retro cars. Do not forget to take the time to look at the car, select the color you like..

The developers have added a very simple, slightly primitive control. On both sides of the mobile device screen are two pedals: gas and brake. All driving is only through these two buttons. The mechanics are a bit non-standard, but you won't have to get used to it for a long time. The gameplay is interesting, but a bit monotonous. The graphics are average. The developers failed to make high-quality detail, so most of the objects turned out a little angular or blurry. There are only two melodies in the background. Install a free racing game "Vertigo racing"For OC Android, buy new cars, try to drive the maximum distance.

Version APK: 1.0.4
File Size: 79.33Mb
Android Version: 4.0 and higher
Type of License: Free

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