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Today I decided to make a review of a used car, which is considered a classic of the genre and a model for imitation. The auto name of which became a common name for the whole segment of the golf class cars. Volkswagen Golf 5 even in second-hand use is quite a demand in the secondary market, what is the secret of the popularity of this car? And what surprises can Golf 5 present with a run? Let's try to figure it out.
Volkswagen Golf 5
Volkswagen Golf 5 has two types of body hatchback and univeral. As the experience of exploitation has shown, on the whole, the body of the Golf 5 quite well resists the onslaught of the red-eye disease and does not give its owners extra trouble. The only insignificant drawback of the owners consider the door hinges, which often produce unpleasant sounds when opening and closing the door.
Volkswagen Golf 5
For Golf 5 was designed a large line of powertrains of petrol and diesel. As experience has shown, the most reliable engine was a 1.6-liter engine with the MPI fuel injection system. There is another engine with MPI 1.4 liter system, in which owners often encounter a difficult start of the cold motor, this malfunction occurs on cars of the year 2003-2006, later the company changed the manufacturer of fuel injectors, and the problem is gone. Also in the line there are engines with the system FSI, which are considered problematic, according to the owners of this brand of car, such engines can present surprises already at a run of 120-150 thousand, km, in particular, they stretch the timing chain and come in unprofitable Is the chain tensioner. In a 2 liter engine, a timing belt is installed instead of a chain. Another disadvantage inherent in the FSI engines is the premature failure of the individual ignition coils. The Wolfhagen Golf 5 was equipped with the following types of transmissions, five or six-speed manual, as well as six or seven-speed DSGs. Both transmissions can disturb even with a small run. With mechanics, problems can arise after 100 thousand kilometers of run, in which a double bearing fails, which is manifested by increased noise during the operation of the transmission. In mechanics with a diesel engine for a run of 150 thousand km, a two-mass flywheel breaks down (it shows clicks when switching). The rotated box is also quite capricious, besides, its repair will cost several times more than mechanics. Since DSG transmissions fail mechatronics (electronic control unit), at best the failure can be eliminated by flashing, but if the wear is too high, then the entire clutch pack will have to be replaced. Compared with the previous version, the rear suspension of this car has changed significantly, instead of a semi-independent steel beam to install a multi-link, and in front of McPherson, thanks to this car is much better to keep the road and more confident when cornering. Suspension Volkswagen Golf 5 on our roads has proven itself on the positive side. The rear selenium blocks of the front levers are most worn out, this occurs with a run of 80 thousand kilometers, and the front ones after 150 thousand km, up to 100,000 can come out stabilizer struts, ball bearings serve up to 200,000 km. In the multi-lever fastest consumables stabilizer, this occurs with a run of about one hundred thousand kilometers, as well as shock absorber rear shock absorbers, the rest of the consumables are very long.
Good steering is facilitated by steering, on Golf 5 it is equipped with an electric power steering, on the machines of the first years of production this unit can cause trouble, in it to wear out the engagement of the electric motor with the rail, which is accompanied by a knock when driving on a rough road, after 2006 this unit was modernized and eliminated this shortcoming. At the same time, the steering arms serve long enough, the tips of the steering rods can withstand more than 130 thousand, km. The plastic finish of the Volkswagen Golf 5 does not cause any comments, even with the time in the middle, which is not spattered, creaks or falls off. The only thing you can find fault with is the fabric paneling on the armrest of the front doors, it quickly enough rubs. If compared with the previous generation Volkswagen Golf, then it should be noted that this version has a lot more legroom for rear passengers, this was achieved thanks to the increase in wheelbase on 65 mm. Not without its shortcomings, a wide and massive central tunnel of the floor will not allow it to comfortably accommodate three passengers on the back row of seats. The trunk volume is 350 liters, with the rear seat folded, the trunk has a volume of 1305 liters. As experience has shown, most of the salon electrical equipment works without any complaints, the hassle may add climate control or the air conditioner in them breaks down the compressor. Also, there are often problems with the electric windows, the problem is that after the glass is raised it goes down itself, this fault is eliminated by flashing the control unit.  
Volkswagen Golf 5
Buying Volkswagen Golf 5 is a successful investment, this model perfectly preserves the residual value, and when the time comes to sell it, you will lose quite a bit of money. But they love Golf for the other, it is practical, moderately reliable, well-assembled and has good driving qualities, which will give a lot of positive emotions from driving.If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps your feedback will help others choose choose used car.
After our review, you know about the problems with Volkswagen Golf 5
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