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Disadvantages of Volkswagen Jetta 5 with a run
A large number of car enthusiasts choose Volkswagen Jetta 5, because at an affordable price you get a reliable car with good build quality and good equipment.  But how reliable was the sedan of the golf class, and whether to consider the option of buying a Volkswagen Jetta with a run, now try to figure it out.
Volkswagen Jetta 5
Jetta fifth generation was produced from 2005 to 2010 in two modifications in the body sedan and station wagon, in the CIS officially sold only cars in a sedan. As the experience of exploitation in general, the paintwork does not cause any special claims, and the metal has good corrosion resistance, but despite the fact that the body is completely galvanized, the weak points have been identified. When inspecting the car, carefully inspect the thresholds, the lower part of the front wing near the door and the lower part of the door, due to the fact that under the mudguard accumulates excess moisture these details begin to bloom, even small bugs will soon lead to big problems. Also, the weak point of the body is the junction between the rear wheel arch and the bumper, at this junction, chipped, and then corrosion, is not rare.
Volkswagen Jetta 5

During the life of the fifth generation of the Volkswagen Jetta there were three gasoline engines and two turbodiesel motors:
  • Atmospheric MPI 1.6 (102 and 115 hp)
  • Turbo engine TSI 1.4 (122 and 140 hp)
  • Two-liter engine FSI (150 hp) and TFSI (200 hp)
  • TDI in volume 1.9 (105 hp) and 2 liters (140 hp)
Motorists are often confused in multiple letter designations of power units, in fact they differ from each other by the presence or absence of a turbine, and also by the injection system. At the weakest engine with a power of 102 horsepower on a run of 70 - 80 thousand km, the timing belt roller often starts to howl. If the previous owner ran a car with low-quality fuel closer to 100,000, fuel injectors would need to be replaced, it should be noted that such repairs are not cheap. The TSI and TFSI engines are high-tech and provide excellent dynamics and low fuel consumption, with intensive use without problems, nursing 250-300 thousand km. But if you are planning to use the car not often or for short distance trips, you should not consider the car with such a motor if you do not want to know what the timing chain is broken, the burned piston, the lagged rings and the non-driving engine that is not moving. The diesel engines have proven to be reliable and unpretentious in maintenance units, and if they fill with good diesel fuel they will serve you faithfully and truthfully 300 - 350 thousand km. If you want to buy a car with a two-liter diesel engine, then consider the car after the 2008 release, since until this time installed nozzles with a pump that often fail, and their replacement and repair are not cheap, after 2008 the manufacturer eliminated this problem. Three types of gearboxes are available on the Volkswagen Jett, five and six-speed mechanics, a six-speed automatic and a robotic DSG box. Robotic DSG boxes are often referred to as the sore point of Volkswagen cars and Skoda, indeed a robot may not work correctly when running at a distance of 50,000 km. When driving in traffic jams, the service life of the DSG transmission significantly decreases, so if you plan to buy a car with a robotic transmission, avoid the cars that were operated in the metropolis, (the repair of a robotic box will cost about 1000 US dollars.). In a six-speed automatic with a run of 150,000 km, jerks may appear when the reverse gear is turned on (replacement of the valve block is required, repairs will cost about 500 US dollars.). In the mechanical transmission with a run of 100,000 km, the clutch and release bearing need to be replaced, and the primary shaft bearing often fails on this run.
Volkswagen Jett though built on a single platform with Volkswagen Golf, but has different chassis settings. The suspension of the car is quite soft, but at the same time the car confidently keeps the given trajectory, and if you do not get carried away on a bad road at high speed, the first repair will be required after 50,000 km of run. Suspension Volkswagen Jetta can safely be called quite reliable, and if instead of a multi-lever behind the beam was installed, the suspension could be safely called very reliable, but the smooth running and handling would be completely different. Levers that front that behind can not be called flimsy and if you carefully use the car to serve more than 150000 km, silent blocks, stabilizer racks, shock absorbers are nursed to 100,000 km, brake pads serve 70 - 80 thousand km, disks are almost twice as long. The steering rack is not a big resource and can start knocking at a run of 100,000 km, this problem is not often eliminated by pulling.
Volkswagen Jetta 5
Thanks to the good quality of the finishing materials, even after many years of operation, Volkswagen Jett's salon does not irritate drivers and passengers with an abrupt knock and creaking. Occasionally there are specimens that have crickets in torpedo in the cold season, but the salon will warm up a little and they disappear. The accelerator pedal here has a floor structure, so do not save on branded rugs, otherwise the water will leak under the pedal. Volkswagen Jett is a quiet family car, and often enough cars were purchased in corporate parking lots. If we consider the purchase of such a car in the secondary market, then the best option will be a car with an atmospheric engine 1.6 paired with an automatic gearbox or mechanics.
  • The zinced body.
  • Comfortable and comfortable fit.
  • Moderately rigid suspension.
  • Quality of interior decoration materials.
  • Affordable price.

  • Robotic transmission.
  • Rotting thresholds.
  • Problems with the undercarriage after 80-90 thousand km.
If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps your feedback will help others to choose the right one choose used car.
After our review, you know about the problems with Volkswagen Jetta 5
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