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How not to buy problems on wheels: disadvantages of Volkswagen Tiguan with a run
Volkswagen Tiguan - one of the most popular crossovers in the aftermarket, this car is perfect for all occasions. For example, for girls drivers, small families, as well as for trips for mushrooms or a picnic. Problems with subsequent sales also should not arise, since Tiguan is an inexpensive folk car, and hence, the demand for it is great. Like most cars with mileage, Volkswagen Tiguan has a number of drawbacks, we'll talk about them today.

A bit of history:
Debut Volkswagen Tiguan was held in 2007 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The car is built on the platform "Volkswagen Golf", Common with"Audi Q3"And"Skoda Yeti". The sound name is formed from the combination of the words "Tiger (Tiger) "And"Iguana". Sales of Tiguana began in 2008, the car visually very much like "Volkswagen Tuareg". In March 2011, restyling was carried out, after which the car was presented to the public at an auto show in Geneva. After the update, the car did not lose its corporate identity and remained very similar to the older brother. In the course of restyling, the lighting equipment, the shape of the bumpers, the interior was slightly updated. Particularly noteworthy is the new multifunctional steering wheel from the Golf model and the information display on the updated instrument panel. The microclimate control unit in the cabin has changed, and the engine start button has moved to the central tunnel. In the technical part, three new engines were added. Most of the Tiguanas sold in the CIS were assembled in Russia at a plant in Kaluga, in the beginning, the production went in the form of a large-bore assembly, and later, it was transferred to a full cycle, including stamping, welding and painting of body parts. The main sales markets are Volkswagen Tiguan - Europe, USA, China, Brazil, Australia and the CIS.

Volkswagen Tiguan
On the Volkswagen Tiguan set only turbocharged power units - gasoline 1.4 (122, 150 hp), 2.0 (170 and 200 hp) and diesel 2.0 (140 hp). Gasoline engine 1.4 has repeatedly been awarded the title engine of the year, this motor has excellent performance - in dynamics, environmental friendliness and economy. But to its reliability, the owners have a lot of questions. Due to the high temperature loading, the pistons suffer greatly, in this case, the owners are divided into two types - those who had this problem during the warranty period, and those who had burned out the pistons after the warranty ended and had to do expensive repairs at his own expense. Up to restyling versions of this power unit, the timing chain drive. The metal chain and its tensioner is not famous for its longevity, the chain can begin to stretch after 40,000 km. Signals on the need to replace will serve as unstable turns, sonorous knocking from under the hood and diesel roar of the engine. The engine 2.0, regardless of capacity, creates much less problems for its owners, but it hurts a pocket with high fuel consumption (in the city up to 15 liters per hundred) . Of the main problems - stretching the timing chain, failure of the chain tensioner, increased oil consumption, leakage in the engine cooling system. As for diesel engines, traditionally, for European manufacturers, they sin a fuel system that is sensitive to the quality of diesel fuel. Therefore, in order to avoid costly repairs, you should refuel only on a proven gas station. Most diesel Tiguats are equipped with a DPF particulate filter, and when the machine is continuously operated in city mode, the filter quickly clogs. Often, there are problems with the gas recirculation system. Diesel engines can be equipped with both belt drive timing, and chain; according to the regulations, the belt needs to be changed every 90000 km, but many owners recommend doing this a little earlier, once in 70-80 thousand km. Also, it is worth noting and more expensive maintenance, in comparison with gasoline units. From buying a car driven from Europe, it is better to refuse, since such a car will have a mileage of at least 150,000 km, which means that soon it will require expensive repairs of most of the nodes.
Volkswagen Tiguan
Volkswagen Tiguan is equipped with a six-speed manual or automatic transmission, also, this car is equipped with a robotic DSG transmission. The reliability of DSG is already said a lot, if we talk specifically about the example of this car, then according to statistics, mechatronics and clutch, with careful operation, live 70-90 thousand km, then, expensive repairs are required. Automatic is perhaps the most reliable among the presented transmissions, on some copies, with time, jerks or jerks appear during the gear change, this problem is solved by flashing the control unit. The mechanics are also quite reliable, the only thing that adds to the inconvenience is the fuzzy inclusion of the gears and the replacement of the clutch every 60-80 thousand km. The all-wheel drive system is implemented using a "Haldex 4". This system has proven itself on most crossovers, both European and Japanese. In order not to remain without a rear-wheel drive, in the coupling it is necessary to change the oil and filter every 60,000 km.
Salon Volkswagen Tiguan is made of high-quality materials, due to the fact that all plastic is soft, crickets in the cabin - a big rarity. All niches and drawers, which in the cabin are quite large, are lined with soft material. In the most expensive equipment, there is an option for upholstering the interior with high-quality leather. Worked on the creators and noise insulation, it is at a very good level. Among the shortcomings, it can be noted the weak operation of the stove, at low temperatures, the failure of the fan control unit, as well as the failure of the power steering due to an error in the software.
Volkswagen Tiguan
Volkswagen Tiguan is equipped with an independent suspension, in front is installed McPherson, rear-a multi-lever. Suspension of the crossover, under normal operation, does not cause any complaints. On many cars, with a run of 100,000 km, the outboard bearing of the cardan shaft is out of order, its replacement is quite expensive (it changes in assembly with the cardan, the cost is about $ 300). In winter, even on a small run, when driving on an uneven road, you can hear how to secure the silent blocks of the front levers, but after warming up - the creaks go away. Most often, you have to change the struts and bushings of the stabilizer, every 30-50 thousand km. Salenblocks, bearing and hub bearings rarely sail more than 70,000 km, shock absorbers and levers of the rear suspension, on average, run on 100,000 km. The front brake pads run 30-40 thousand km, the disks - 70-80 thousand km, the rear blocks - 60,000 km, the disks - 1000000 km.Volkswagen Tiguan - a universal crossover, in the city, you can feel yourself confident in it thanks to a good landing, review and good handling. On the road, the car holds well for the road, and the thrust of the engines is enough for confident maneuvers. The car copes without any problems with a small ford or snowdrifts, but the car is not designed for serious off-road conditions. If we talk about reliability, up to 150,000 km, with proper operation, there should not be global problems, but it is better to give up the car, the mileage of which is more than 100,000 km, as well as from DSG cars.
  • Good dynamics.
  • Reliable automatic transmission.
  • Good quality of interior materials.
  • Quality assembly.
  • Balanced suspension.

  • Problems with the metal chain timing.
  • Problems with the robotic DSG transmission.
  • In winter, the diesel engine 2.0 and petrol 1.4 do not warm up well.

After our review, you know about the problems with Volkswagen Tiguan
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