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The production of Volkswagen Turan began in late 2003, and already in October 2006 the car underwent restyling, then the production of Turan cross began. The basic version is equipped with six airbags, ABS stabilization system, air conditioner, mp3 audio player and mirror heating. As Turan is translated literally is not entirely clear, but some say the title is translated as tourist or tourist, and if you continue the logical chain The car is designed for a big company or for a family. The exterior of the car is suitable for these definitions, which means it must be reliable and practical, so let's try to figure it out.
Volkswagen Turan
The body of the compact Volkswagen Turan according to the statements of employees of branded service stations and owners of cars of this brand, has no problems with the paint and varnish, the red body disease is rare, there are also no significant complaints and the condition of the rest of the body parts after a long operation. In addition to the usual version, the Volkswagen Turan was produced version of the "cross", which differs from the normal version with increased ground clearance due to larger wheels (17 inches), and a body kit around the perimeter of the body. In the secondary market, the bulk of the sold cars are front-wheel drive, the four-wheel drive versions are extremely rare.
Volkswagen Turan
For Turan is a fairly wide range of diesel and gasoline engines. The most problematic is the 1.6-liter FSI petrol engine, as experience has shown, this unit has a number of disadvantages of the timing system, in particular, the timing chain is stretched, the chain tensioner also breaks down at a run of 100 to 130 thousand kilometers, all FSI engines do not differ special longevity of individual ignition coils. In the two-liter FSI engine, unlike the previous engine, the timing belt was installed, so there are no significant problems in it, and this engine is considered to be the most reliable in the opinion of the owners. There is another motor that was equipped with the Volkswagen Turan is 1.6 MPI, it also proved itself the positive side. What can not be said about the 1.4 liter engine, to which the experts have comments. This type of motor has an increased oil consumption, but dealers claim that if the consumption is within 3 to 4 liters of oil from replacement to replacement it is considered the norm. It should be mentioned also about diesel units that were installed on Volkswagen Turan, one volume 1.9 liters, the second two-liter. The first engine is considered the most successful, but the second unit has a significant drawback, it's fuel injectors, which often have to be changed or repaired.
Volkswagen Turan
For Turan, three types of gearboxes were intended: a six-speed manual transmission, a six-speed automatic transmission Tiptronic (Tiptronic), and a proprietary DSG. As the experience of operation proved to be the most reliable, Tiptronic (Tiptronic) has proven itself. Mechanics can only deliver problems with a large mileage of 100,000 kilometers or more, in this case a double bearing can come into disrepair, and in the diesel versions a dual-mass flywheel. As for the DSG, this transmission is quite problematic, very often it fails mechatronics, because of this, the gear changes are accompanied by jerks. Often this problem is eliminated by re-inserting the control unit, if this does not solve the problem, then eventually you will have to replace the clutch package.
Despite the relatively high center of gravity, the car behaves on the road like an ordinary car (confidently passes through turns, and holds well the specified trajectory). The installed suspension is similar to the Sopplatform Golf 5, in front of McPherson, and behind the multi-lever. Suspension Volkswagen Turan has established itself, on our roads is quite durable. The quickest are the rear silencers of the front levers, according to the owners this is happening at a run of 80 thousand km, the stabilizer posts can hold 100 thousand km, the front silent blocks of the front levers serve 150 thousand km, the ball bearings and the wheel bearings bear 200000 kilometers and more. In the multi-lever system there are more than 100 thousand kilometers, the bushings and stabilizer struts are nursed; for a run of 120-150 thousand km, the silentblocks of the rear rocker levers will have to be replaced, the silencers of other levers can serve more than 200,000 ilometrov.Odnim of the main features Turan considered the possibility of transformation of the cabin and a capacious luggage compartment. Salon Volkswagen Turan has a fairly restrained design, but all controls are in their places and do not require special accustoming. Thanks to the large area of ​​the glazing in the car's interior it is very light, this also contributes to a good overview, the only thing that a little prevents the side A-shaped racks in lateral maneuvers. Torpedo and card doors are made of hard plastic, and because of this you need to be ready to listen to salon crickets. Salon equipment works without complaints, although there are two weak spots - it is an air conditioner that eventually ceases to work, as well as window lifts (software does not start correctly operate, is treated by the firmware of the control unit).
Volkswagen Turan
The minivan impresses with its manageability, practicality and roominess. The car is suitable for all occasions, and will fully satisfy the needs of an active family. The car of this brand is more expensive than all its competitors, but it is worth considering the non-poor equipment even in the basic configuration. The biggest disadvantage was too rigid suspension, even small irregularities on the road tangibly shake the body.If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps your feedback will help others choose choose used car.

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