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Features and disadvantages Volvo S40 with mileage.
Machines for intelligent, quiet and wealthy people, this is the image of the company "Volvo". However, the model of the Volvo S40 of the second generation is most often interested in young motorists, so it is important to understand how reliable this car is and how much in the future will it cost to service a car over the age of 5 years. It is in this now and try to understand. The Volvo S40 has a rich history and was produced under different names "VOLVO 340"And"VOLVO 430", But both models did not enjoy much popularity among buyers. The first car with the S40 index was built on one platform with "Mitsubishi Carisma", But in this case there were no expected results. In 2003, the second generation of the Volvo S40, which was built on the C-1 platform (on the same platform built Ford Focus 2 and Mazda 3). S40 shares with Ford about 60% of parts, that's why it is called a more expensive version of Focus 2. In 2007, Volvo introduced an updated version of the S40, the main task of the facelift was to bring the appearance of the entire line in accordance with the new corporate style, which asked VOLVO S80. Updated cars are easily recognized by the updated bumpers, the radiator grille with a large logo, the exhaust pipe and head optics. The car's forage received a modified apron, and LED lights were installed in the lanterns. In addition to the refreshed design, the car received an original interior finish and added power, the avant-garde interior of the interior is made in the style of high-tech. Production of the model was completed in 2012, and it was replaced by VOLVO V40.
Volvo s40
There are no problems with the quality of the body metal, and the paintwork in the Volvo S40, even in places where the paint is chipped, corrosion does not appear very long. And if you see rust on the car body, it means that the car was involved in an accident, and its owner saved a lot on repairs. The 1.6 (100 hp) basic engine is a fairly old engine and is well known for Ford Focus cars. The resource of this power unit with proper maintenance of more than 300,000 kilometers of mileage, but the attachments after 100,000 km gradually cease to function. The main problem of these motors is not in the motor itself, but rather in the owners of cars, the fact is that the car is quite heavy and the engine of 100 horses is not enough for most drivers, and they start to spin the motor more, as a result, its resource is produced much faster . The drive of the gas-distributing mechanism in it is variable, and it needs to be changed every 80000 km. Further, according to the seniority, there are motors 1.8 (125 hp) and 2.0 (140 hp), these motors have proved themselves quite well not only on the Volvo S40, but on the cars of Ford and Mazda manufacturers. Two-liter engine has a chain drive timing, and less fond of maintenance, but unfortunately the car with such a power unit is rare. The 2.4 (170 hp) engine is quite expensive and difficult to maintain, its sore spots are the crankcase ventilation system and the ignition system.
Volvo s40
There is a turbocharged gasoline engine with a volume of 2.5 liters, but it was also feared, because maintenance of such an assembly is not cheap. In the Volvo S40 series there are several diesel engines, although in the CIS cars with such engines are very rare, but if you get such a copy, it's better to pass by, as they quickly kill the fuel system from the quality of diesel fuel sold at our filling stations. The weak point of all engines is the thermostat, which often goes out of order. The engines were combined with mechanical gearboxes and classic automata, the younger motors 1.6 and 1.8 were only paired with mechanics, and of different design. For a more powerful 1.8 engine, the transmission has been strengthened, as far as reliability is concerned, then the owners have no complaints against them. As for the automatic transmission, they are not a problematic place for the car, the installed gearboxes have proved themselves not only on this model, but also on other versions of the concern "VOLVO", In figures this means that the box does not cause any trouble to 200000 km, if you change the oil in it every 60,000 km. If the oil does not change, then the transmission may overheat, resulting in failure of the hydraulic unit, the repair of which will not cost cheap.
The Volvo S40 is similar to the Ford Focus 2 on the suspension, and this relationship has only benefited, since many parts are interchangeable, which in turn significantly reduces the cost of repairs, and some parts are suitable from Mazda, in addition, non-original parts. If the car is used neatly, then the problems are not so much, and serious investments will be required once in 100,000 km of run. After 100 thousand runs, replacement of the pillars and bushings of the stabilizer, silent blocks of the front levers and hub bearings is required. The Volvo S40 is equipped with hydro and electric power steering, this unit can bother after 100,000 km of run.


Volvo s40

  • High level of safety and comfort.
  • Build quality and materials.
  • Reliable components and assemblies.
  • Large selection of non-original parts.

  • High maintenance cost.
  • Low viscosity (clearance 13.5 cm).
  • Rigid suspension.
If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps, it is your feedback that will help others to correctly choose a used car.

After our review, you know about the problems with Volvo s40
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