VR Race
Version: 1.01.5 What's new: - Improved overall optimization
- Performance improved
- Bugs fixed
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And we begin our review of the game. "VR Race" from the fact that we briefly explain to you its storyline. So, the main character having bought a new car (18 sports cars are represented in the game) decided to test him on one of the high-speed autobahns, but it turned out that they apparently slipped him some garbage, or someone deliberately spoiled the brakes. In general, having a certain speed, your car will rush along the highway until it runs out of gas (the distance to a full stop is indicated in the right corner). By the way, if in the first mission the mark on the speedometer will be exactly 90 km / h, then in each subsequent location it will only increase until it reaches 320 km / h in the final track..

Now for the gameplay. So, control in this game is implemented exclusively through an accelerometer, and without any extra buttons like gas and a brake, there is only a key to switch the general view, although to be honest, it's better not to find the view from the cockpit. By the way, the main feature of this new product is the choice of complexity, where on a light level you have to move in four lanes in the general stream, and on a complex one only on an opposite. In a word, the toy is just a bomb, and not a trotyl, but an adrenaline one.

Version APK: 1.01.5
File Size: 40,74Mb
Developer: POLYNOTES
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

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